Vermilion Parish, Louisiana



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Abshire (Abshier), Coulson  1912Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I50524
2 Abshire (Abshier), Oreline "Lina"   I50528
3 Abshire (Abshier), Phillip   I50527
4 Abshire (Abshier), Viola   I50525
5 Apple, Marie Adeline  10 Oct 1853Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I25754
6 Blanchard, Aurelie J. (or Orelie)  15 Mar 1903Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I101688
7 Blanchard, Ore  1900Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I101686
8 Blanchard, Orela (or Ovila)  1902Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I101687
9 Blanchard-Dartez, Marie Edna  1 Nov 1906Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I101689
10 Bland, Joseph P.  8 Jun 1832Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I80337
11 Bland, Peyton  25 Dec 1815Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I8283
12 Bonin, Lite  29 Aug 1921Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I102878
13 Breaux, Simien  Abt 1844Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I50530
14 Broussard, Adelaide "Deed"  7 Oct 1872Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I40507
15 Broussard, Adrien  Nov 1888Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I41918
16 Broussard, Almanda  1868Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I40540
17 Broussard, Amy  Sep 1895Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I41920
18 Broussard, Azelona  3 Jun 1871Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I40518
19 Broussard, Belzire  1874Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I41912
20 Broussard, Ella  Jul 1889Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I40541
21 Broussard, Elodie  Aug 1882Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I41916
22 Broussard, James  8 Dec 1877Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I40521
23 Broussard, Joseph Usin  2 Mar 1823Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I40580
24 Broussard, Jules  Nov 1886Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I41917
25 Broussard, Leah  Nov 1872Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I41911
26 Broussard, Loltare  Mar 1885Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I40550
27 Broussard, Lucille  Jan 1896Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I41921
28 Broussard, Luna  Mar 1881Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I41915
29 Broussard, Margaret  7 Dec 1873Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I40519
30 Broussard, Marieanne  Dec 1890Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I41919
31 Broussard, Mary  1864Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I40583
32 Broussard, Nolia  Oct 1892Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I40543
33 Broussard, Paul Alexander  27 Dec 1875Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I40520
34 Broussard, Peter  7 Sep 1879Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I40522
35 Broussard, Policar  Jan 1891Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I40542
36 Broussard, Rose  28 Jul 1903Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I40577
37 Broussard, Sullie  Sep 1894Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I40544
38 Broussard, Una M  1913Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I24939
39 Broussard, Ursin R.  Sep 1887Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I40551
40 Broussard, Zola  1917Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I24940
41 Choate, Adelia  1873Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I105790
42 Choate, Adonia  1876Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I105791
43 Choate, Alice  Sep 1882Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I25783
44 Choate, Alice  Abt 1916Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I25795
45 Choate, Alzena  1884Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I25784
46 Choate, Anna  1906Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I25703
47 Choate, Austin  1908Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I25704
48 Choate, Carl  1902Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I25702
49 Choate, Cornelia  1871Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I105789
50 Choate, David  May 1880Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I25782
51 Choate, David  1905Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I25708
52 Choate, Holston Joseph  3 Nov 1875Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I25755
53 Choate, John  1858Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I25797
54 Choate, Joseph Pryor (or Preeser)  1864Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I25800
55 Choate, Lila  1880Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I105792
56 Choate, Livada  Apr 1887Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I25785
57 Choate, Mary  Abt 1914Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I25794
58 Choate, Merena  1860Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I25798
59 Choate, Messina  1852Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I25803
60 Choate, Roama  1867Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I25801
61 Choate, Severin  Abt 1912Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I25793
62 Choate, Vera  Abt 1918Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I25796
63 Choate-Johnson, Camilla  1862Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I25799
64 David, Adelia  Jan 1886Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I57629
65 Decuir, Claud  8 Jul 1905Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I7785
66 Decuir, Dalton D.  29 Apr 1915Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I7790
67 Decuir, Gladys  29 Apr 1915Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I7789
68 Decuir, Joseph M  17 Oct 1906Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I7786
69 Decuir, Mary  1911Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I34725
70 Dehart, Hilda  17 Nov 1909Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I8505
71 Dick, Thomas Jackson "Tump"  11 Sep 1860Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I102
72 Dudoit, Frank  1859Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I80202
73 Dyson, Ida (Eder Eda)  1892Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I23564
74 Faulk, Edward W.  18 Jul 1848Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I105269
75 Faulk, Malenion  6 May 1861Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I87691
76 Faulk, William  1851Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I105270
77 Forman, Augustus  1859Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I27240
78 Forman, Clarence  28 Jul 1880Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I82656
79 Forman, Fedora  28 Jan 1878Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I82664
80 Forman, Isaac Pierre  1831Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I26770
81 Forman, John Eldridge  01 Aug 1892Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I26883
82 Forman, John Parker (or W.)  15 Nov 1864Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I26947
83 Forman, John Stephen (son of who?)  12 Oct 1876Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I82680
84 Forman, Melissa Ann  1837Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I27204
85 Foster, Elaine (Ellen)  4 Jan 1853Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I25781
86 Frederick, Hermogene  8 Nov 1861Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I50280
87 Gaspard, Adeliaide  1848Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I53696
88 Gaspard, Marie Arsene  1850Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I53697
89 Hargrave, Anne M.   I69142
90 Hargrave, Coralice  Feb 1900Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I69136
91 Hargrave, Ella  Aug 1896Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I69135
92 Hargrave, Elodias  Jul 1887Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I69133
93 Hargrave, Gilbert   I69145
94 Hargrave, Olivier  Feb 1895Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I69134
95 Hargrave, Wilbert   I69144
96 Hargrave, Willie M.   I69143
97 Harrington, Aleia  Jan 1879Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I50271
98 Harrington, Alexis  Nov 1879Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I53682
99 Harrington, Alice  1895Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I69114
100 Harrington, Alzina  1869Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I53724

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Aldrich, Rachel*  1810Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I2217
2 Apple, Marie Adeline  23 Oct 1925Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I25754
3 Broussard, Adelaide "Deed"  6 Mar 1937Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I40507
4 Broussard, Azelona  9 Jan 1915Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I40518
5 Broussard, Joseph Usin  1888Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I40580
6 Broussard, Margaret  1 Jan 1916Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I40519
7 Broussard, Regina  12 Oct 1963Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I41914
8 Cade, James  Bef 1813Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I2167
9 Cady, Rachel  1837Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I27229
10 Choate, John Wesley  1905Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I25737
11 Choate, Samuel  1905Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I25735
12 Choate, William  05 Mar 1923Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I25770
13 Comstock, William* "Guilermo"  Aft 1810Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I1794
14 Cormier, Adelade  Aft 1855Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I80250
15 Decuir, Joseph M  6 Dec 1906Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I7786
16 Decuir, Walter  10 Oct 1914Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I7784
17 Dehart, Hilda  2 Sep 1982Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I8505
18 Duhon, Annie Mae  1 Sep 2002Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I8928
19 Erikson, Henry  10 Jun 1918Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I40523
20 Faulk, George  1850Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I80241
21 Faulk, Neville  25 Jun 1910Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I26860
22 Forman, Clarence  26 Sep 1956Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I82656
23 Forman, John Eldridge  1941Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I26883
24 Forman, Luther Alcide  28 Feb 1928Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I26950
25 Forman, Susan  17 Aug 1919Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I27257
26 Forman, Ulila  1880Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I26959
27 Forman, Valentine  Aft 1870Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I26772
28 Foster, Elaine (Ellen)  11 Oct 1935Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I25781
29 Hargraves, Marie Serena  23 Feb 1901Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I24360
30 Harrington, Charles (twin)  1 Oct 1867Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I49057
31 Harrington, Eda Marie  Bef 1925Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I53731
32 Harrington, George  May 1880Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I48258
33 Harrington, Gustave  Aug 1979Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I69128
34 Harrington, Leonce  Jan 1963Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I27747
35 Harrington, Odnar (Ednar)  7 Aug 1934Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I69124
36 Harrington, Ora  9 Mar 2001Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I69126
37 Harrington, Paul G.  15 May 1926Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I53715
38 Henry, Ada  1854Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I8304
39 Henry, Stephen M  25 Jul 1892Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I8300
40 Hoffpauir, Delta  11 Aug 1968Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I82743
41 Hoffpauir, Edward  6 Sep 1880Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I27058
42 Hoffpauir, Edward Dee  18 May 1917Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I27496
43 Hoffpauir, Elijah William (Ely)  1856Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I26998
44 Hoffpauir, Joseph Lorenzo (Ramsey)  Bef 1880Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I26862
45 Hoffpauir, Parmela  Bef 1856Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I27196
46 Lapointe, Azilda  18 Sep 1914Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I69139
47 Lapointe, Pierre Marotte  17 Mar 1874Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I69137
48 Lee, Harrison Taylor Sr  10 Nov 1888Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I8270
49 Lee, Harrison Taylor Jr  8 Dec 1933Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I8308
50 Lee, Jessie J  1902Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I8532
51 Lee, John  22 Mar 1928Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I25726
52 Lee, Loi A  1908Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I8535
53 Lee, Mark Sr  1850Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I8267
54 Lee, Mary  Bef 1870Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I8311
55 Lee, Mary E  27 Jun 1889Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I8525
56 Lee, Mary Eleanor  5 Aug 1961Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I8368
57 Lee, Peter Pierre  Bef 1880Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I8309
58 Lee, Sarah L  Nov 1896Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I8529
59 Lee, William Atwood  Dec 1910Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I8530
60 McKie (or McKey or Mackie), Ardele Elizabeth  Bef 18 Aug 1894Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I8992
61 Meaux, Marguerite  1854Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I69138
62 Morgan, George  17 Feb 1891Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I26826
63 Morgan, Mary Elizabeth  14 Dec 1934Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I27179
64 Morgan, Nancy Ann (Mary)  Feb 1858Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I26861
65 Morgan, Solomon  1860Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I27097
66 Moss, Cornelia  24 Mar 1886Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I53705
67 Mouton, Jean Augustin  8 Nov 1880Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I80247
68 Mouton, Marie Adelaide  Aft 1870Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I80246
69 Mouton, Sylvestre  Aft 1830Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I80249
70 Palmer, Winifred "Winnie"  1794Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I41527
71 Perry, Elizabeth  06 Dec 1903Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I26899
72 Perry, Thomas William  01 Jan 1852Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I26900
73 Sarver, Oliver Levi  Aft 1883Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I33546
74 Shaw, John C  1867Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I23308
75 Smith, (1st wife)  Bef 1860Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I80205
76 Smith, Electra Jane  13 Jul 1912Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I8333
77 Spell, Elias  1928Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I27464
78 Spell, Eva Laura  1938Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I27482
79 Spell, Isaac Harper  Aft 1920Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I54147
80 Taylor, Rebecca  1831Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I8083
81 Trahan, Pauline  Aft 1930Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I53678
82 Vollmer, Edward  22 Feb 1949Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I8492
83 Vollmer, Jesse Sr  Aft 1950Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I8494
84 White, Celestine  Bef 1824Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I8058
85 White, Elizabeth  10 Nov 1809Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I8231
86 White, Rachel  Bef 1883Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I8066


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Hoffpauir, Laura Gertrude  18 Aug 1898Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I27490


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Blanchard, Prosper  1910Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I101665
2 Broussard, Andre Antonio  1900Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I40574
3 Broussard, Angelique  1900Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I40547
4 Broussard, Edouard Theophile  20 Nov 1850Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I23210
5 Broussard, Theogene  1870Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I40530
6 Choate, David  1920Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I25782
7 Choate, Isaac  1870Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I25747
8 Choate-Johnson, Camilla  1880Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I25799
9 David, Francois Theophile "Francis"  1910Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I57623
10 Derouen, Marie Marcellite  1850Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I53689
11 Forman, Asa  1850Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I7170
12 Forman, Asa  1860Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I27114
13 Forman, Benajah  18 Jul 1870Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I26769
14 Forman, Edward  18 Jul 1870Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I26927
15 Forman, Isaac Pierre  1850Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I759
16 Forman, Parker  18 Jul 1870Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I26771
17 Forman, Volney  18 Jul 1870Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I26775
18 Forman, Walter Sr.  18 Jul 1870Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I26919
19 Hargrave, Olivier  1930Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I69134
20 Hargrave, Ozia  1930Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I69123
21 Harrington, Charles Jr.  1850Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I27520
22 Harrington, Charles W.  1850Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I27274
23 Harrington, George  1850Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I48258
24 Harrington, Gustav "Gus""Gussie"  1910Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I50268
25 Harrington, Gustav "Gus""Gussie"  1920Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I50268
26 Harrington, Gustav "Gus""Gussie"  1930Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I50268
27 Harrington, Gustav "Gus""Gussie"  1940Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I50268
28 Harrington, Gustave  1860Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I49058
29 Harrington, Joseph Cornelius  1850Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I53698
30 Harrington, Ovelia (Anvellier)  1930Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I53683
31 Harrington, Ovelia (Anvellier)  1940Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I53683
32 Harrington, William Henry Sr.  1850Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I27341
33 Henarie, Samuel King  1880Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I34111
34 Henry, William Harrison  1900Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I8302
35 Henry (Kattentit), Ludwig Wilheim William "Bill" (immigrant)  1850Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I8297
36 Henry (Kattentit), Ludwig Wilheim William "Bill" (immigrant)  1860Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I8297
37 Henry (Kattentit), Ludwig Wilheim William "Bill" (immigrant)  1870Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I8297
38 Hoffpauir, Eaton  1910Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I82749
39 Hoffpauir, Edward Dee  1910Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I27496
40 Hoffpauir, Rev Isaac  18 Jul 1870Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I26898
41 Hoffpauir, James I.  1910Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I27093
42 Hoffpauir, Joseph Lorenzo (Ramsey)  15 Jul 1870Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I26862
43 Hoffpauir, Thomas  15 Jul 1870Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I26906
44 Hoffpauir, William Lee  1910Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I27480
45 Landry, Alphonse  1910Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I57639
46 Landry, Alphonse  1920Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I57639
47 Lee, Aristide Rollin  01 Jul 1870Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I25722
48 Lee, Aristide Rollin  1920Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I25722
49 Lee, Austin William  01 Jul 1870Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I8271
50 Lee, Edgar  1870Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I8274
51 Lee, Joseph William "Bud"  1910Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I8314
52 Morgan, Alfred  15 Jul 1870Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I27107
53 Spell, Eligah (Elijah)  18 Jul 1870Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I26994
54 Spell, Ellis  1910Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I82742
55 Spell, William Strickland  15 Jul 1870Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I27221


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Harrington, Charles Sr.  14 Aug 1797Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I27339
2 White, William "Guillaum"  8 Oct 1821Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I2151


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Possessions    Person ID 
1 Forman, Turner (Termally)  10 Sep 1880Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I27518
2 Lyons, John Sr  04 Mar 1790Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I8052


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Property    Person ID 
1 Hayes, Uriah Ferguson  29 Feb 1892Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I33525


Matches 1 to 66 of 66

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Blanchard / Faulk  1899Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F34284
2 Broussard / Broussard  Abt 1867Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F13628
3 Broussard / Henry  1912Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F3580
4 Broussard / Theriot  1900Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F13622
5 Choate / Choate  1898Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F9140
6 Choate / Crane  1898Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F26127
7 Choate / Dyson  Abt 1910Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F9163
8 Choate / Foster  1875Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F9161
9 Choate / Guidry  28 Jul 1884Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F9146
10 Choate / Mallet  1863Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F26126
11 Deyotte / Lee  7 Jun 1881Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F3382
12 Dudoit / Stephens  Abt 1855Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F26122
13 Erikson / Broussard  Abt 1890Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F13619
14 Faulk / Bourque  Abt 1852Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F9811
15 Forman / Hoffpauir  28 May 1885Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F9492
16 Forman / Meaux  1873Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F9635
17 Forman / Morgan  Abt 1851Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F9465
18 Forman / Spell  Abt 1903Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F27016
19 Guillote / Lee  1922Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F13638
20 Hargrave / Hargrave  Abt 1923Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F22334
21 Harrington / Broussard  Abt 1847Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F15950
22 Harrington / Comeaux  Abt 1872Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F17592
23 Harrington / Faulk  22 Jul 1851Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F15951
24 Harrington / Hargrave  Abt 1911Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F22330
25 Harrington / Harrington  Abt 1900Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F22329
26 Harrington / Hebert  Abt 1873Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F16564
27 Harrington / Miguez  Between 1830 and 1840Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F17588
28 Harrington / Morgan  Abt 1890Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F15956
29 Harrington / Stephens  1891Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F3250
30 Hayes / Hayes  Abt 1894Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F11735
31 Hayes / Hoffpauir  14 Nov 1901Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F11751
32 Hayes / Morgan  Abt 1903Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F11736
33 Hebert / Stephens  25 Nov 1867Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F1289
34 Henry / Herbert  31 Oct 1906Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F3377
35 Hoffpauir / Dermeritt  12 Apr 1886Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F9486
36 Hoffpauir / Hayes  26 Nov 1896Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F27047
37 Hoffpauir / Meaux  25 Nov 1922Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F27048
38 LaChaussee / Harrington  17 Nov 1876Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F31016
39 Lamarr / Lamarr  Abt 1852Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F8963
40 Landry / David  1900Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F18993
41 Lee / Broussard  4 Jul 1898Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F3387
42 Lee / Dubois  6 Feb 1888Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F9145
43 Lee / Hoffpauir  22 Dec 1906Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F3397
44 Lee / Luquette  1918Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F3384
45 Lee / Rollin (or Raulin)  02 Jan 1866Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F9143
46 Lee / White  20 Jun 1820Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F3309
47 Lee / Wollenhaupt  8 Jul 1884Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F3381
48 Leonard / Harrington  Abt 1876Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F16562
49 Mayard (or Maillard) / Harrington  20 Jun 1870Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F26135
50 Meaux / Forman  Abt 1859Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F9634
51 Meaux / Morgan  29 Jan 1889Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F9637
52 Morgan / Fletcher  Abt 1880Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F11737
53 Morgan / Forman  Abt 1859Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F9553
54 Morgan / Hoffpauir  Abt 1860Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F9466
55 Morgan / Morgan  Abt 1882Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F9557
56 Morgan / Young  Abt 1867Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F9535
57 Perry / Hoffpauir  01 Jan 1862Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F9469
58 Pickett / Henarie/Henry  Nov 1886Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F11897
59 Rollin / Rollin (or Raulin)  Abt 1863Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F9144
60 Sarver / Hoffpauir  Abt 1870Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F11741
61 Smith / Hart  Abt 1850Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F11277
62 Smith / Smith  Abt 1849Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F26124
63 Spell / Forman  17 Aug 1942Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F27014
64 Spell / Hoffpauir  25 Dec 1915Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F9629
65 Trahan / LeBlanc  13 Jan 1886Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F17586
66 Vollmer / Lee  Dec 1906Vermilion Parish, Louisiana F3398