of, Lincoln Co, Tennessee



Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Davis, Ewing  Aft 1850of, Lincoln Co, Tennessee I37959
2 Davis, George W.  Aft 1850of, Lincoln Co, Tennessee I37956
3 Davis, Jane  Aft 1850of, Lincoln Co, Tennessee I37960
4 Davis, Jefferson  Aft 1850of, Lincoln Co, Tennessee I37963
5 Davis, John  Aft 1850of, Lincoln Co, Tennessee I37957
6 Davis, Mrs. Nancy (..)  Aft 1850of, Lincoln Co, Tennessee I37955
7 Davis, Theodora  Aft 1850of, Lincoln Co, Tennessee I37964
8 Davis, Thomas  Aft 1850of, Lincoln Co, Tennessee I37962
9 Davis, William  Aft 1850of, Lincoln Co, Tennessee I37961
10 Doak, (3 daughters)  Aft 1832of, Lincoln Co, Tennessee I78777
11 McGowan, Nancy (dau?)  Aft 1830of, Lincoln Co, Tennessee I7398
12 Myers, (son)  Aft 1830of, Lincoln Co, Tennessee I104119
13 Myers, (son)  Aft 1830of, Lincoln Co, Tennessee I104120
14 Myers, Henry H  Aft 1830of, Lincoln Co, Tennessee I7399
15 Riddle, Harmon  Aft 1860of, Lincoln Co, Tennessee I72342
16 Riddle, James  Aft 1860of, Lincoln Co, Tennessee I72341
17 Riddle, Rebecca (twin)  Aft 1860of, Lincoln Co, Tennessee I72343
18 Riddle, Sarah  Aft 1860of, Lincoln Co, Tennessee I72340
19 Shelton, Thomas Jr.  Aft 1760of, Lincoln Co, Tennessee I57704
20 Shoffner, Jeptha B.  Aft 1850of, Lincoln Co, Tennessee I98148