of, Maury Co, Tennessee



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Fitzgerald, Jane  Between 1801 and 1810of, Maury Co, Tennessee I31095


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alderson, Armstead  Aft 1850of, Maury Co, Tennessee I65575
2 Bratcher, Ely  Aft 1880of, Maury Co, Tennessee I105088
3 Bratcher, Fannie  Aft 1880of, Maury Co, Tennessee I105090
4 Bratcher, John  Aft 1880of, Maury Co, Tennessee I105085
5 Bratcher, Josia  Aft 1880of, Maury Co, Tennessee I105087
6 Bratcher, Rubin  Aft 1880of, Maury Co, Tennessee I105089
7 Bratcher, William  Aft 1880of, Maury Co, Tennessee I105086
8 Butts, Cling  Aft 1850of, Maury Co, Tennessee I71024
9 Butts, Joseph  Aft 1850of, Maury Co, Tennessee I71021
10 Butts, Mrs. Parthena (..)  Aft 1850of, Maury Co, Tennessee I71022
11 Butts, Samuel  Aft 1850of, Maury Co, Tennessee I71023
12 Dodson, William (occupant 1850)  Aft 1880of, Maury Co, Tennessee I100082
13 Goad (or Gourd), James R.  Aft 1850of, Maury Co, Tennessee I100079
14 Goad (or Gourd), Mrs. Mary A. (..)  Aft 1850of, Maury Co, Tennessee I100080
15 Goad (or Gourd), Robert (of Maury Co, TN)  Aft 1850of, Maury Co, Tennessee I100077
16 Goad (or Gourd), William J.  Aft 1850of, Maury Co, Tennessee I100081
17 Hanks, Sarah  Aft 1850of, Maury Co, Tennessee I43911
18 Hood, Susannah  Bef 1830of, Maury Co, Tennessee I100112
19 Kennon, Mary  Aft 1820of, Maury Co, Tennessee I78137
20 Kittrell, Elizabeth A.  Aft 1880of, Maury Co, Tennessee I80655
21 Matthews, Robert (son of who?)  of, Maury Co, Tennessee I78136
22 Middleton, Mrs. Susanna (..)  Aft 1850of, Maury Co, Tennessee I42124
23 Payne, Annie*  Aft 1830of, Maury Co, Tennessee I6923
24 Rentfro, Jesse  Aft 1788Of, Maury Co, Tennessee I15126
25 Wolverton, Ann (dau of who?)  1845of, Maury Co, Tennessee I100086


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Shelton / Wilson (?)  Abt 1802of, Maury Co, Tennessee F10970