Maury Co, Tennessee



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alderson, Colton A. (or Cole A.)  8 Aug 1850Maury Co, Tennessee I65534
2 Alderson, Eliga S.  25 Nov 1854Maury Co, Tennessee I65554
3 Alderson, James Cole  1818Maury Co, Tennessee I65569
4 Alderson, Josephus  1844Maury Co, Tennessee I65552
5 Alderson, Polly  1819Maury Co, Tennessee I65570
6 Alderson, William L.  1920Maury Co, Tennessee I65571
7 Bazzell, Eliza P.  1848Maury Co, Tennessee I58989
8 Bazzell, Lamiza  1837Maury Co, Tennessee I58984
9 Bazzell, Marenda (Amanda)  1849Maury Co, Tennessee I58985
10 Bazzell, Robert  1841Maury Co, Tennessee I58986
11 Bazzell, Sarah A.  1846Maury Co, Tennessee I58988
12 Bazzell, William J.  1843Maury Co, Tennessee I58987
13 Butts, Cling  1849Maury Co, Tennessee I71024
14 Cutbirth, Mary  11 Jul 1799Maury Co, Tennessee I102063
15 Duncan, Eliza J.  1826Maury Co, Tennessee I99419
16 Fitzgerald, William Adkins  1 Dec 1819Maury Co, Tennessee I46366
17 Galloway, Louisa Jane  26 Jul 1828Maury Co, Tennessee I71355
18 Goad, Peter Coleman  1848Maury Co, Tennessee I78248
19 Goad (or Gourd), Franklin P.  Jan 1853Maury Co, Tennessee I100088
20 Goad (or Gourd), Martha Anne  6 May 1835Maury Co, Tennessee I61517
21 Goad (or Gourd), Robert  Abt 1828Maury Co, Tennessee I100085
22 Goad (or Gourd), William A.  1846Maury Co, Tennessee I100089
23 Goad (or Gourd), William J.  1850Maury Co, Tennessee I100081
24 Graves, Alexander R.  13 Mar 1808Maury Co, Tennessee I90980
25 Graves, William Riley  22 Jun 1849Maury Co, Tennessee I90982
26 Hanks, Bird Lewis  30 Sep 1805Maury Co, Tennessee I61525
27 Hanks, Buford  4 Oct 1814Maury Co, Tennessee I61530
28 Hanks, Elijah  19 Sep 1807Maury Co, Tennessee I61526
29 Hanks, Elijah Newton  23 Feb 1834Maury Co, Tennessee I61536
30 Hanks, Eliza Ann  12 Sep 1821Maury Co, Tennessee I61532
31 Hanks, Elizabeth Jane  6 Apr 1827Maury Co, Tennessee I61533
32 Hanks, Greenville  1 May 1812Maury Co, Tennessee I61529
33 Hanks, James Steele  23 Sep 1809Maury Co, Tennessee I61376
34 Hanks, Joyce Ann "Joicey"  7 Aug 1824Maury Co, Tennessee I46367
35 Hanks, Mary Telitha  2 Sep 1829Maury Co, Tennessee I61535
36 Hanks, Nancy Emeline  6 Apr 1827Maury Co, Tennessee I61534
37 Hanks, Rev. Thomas  15 Mar 1817Maury Co, Tennessee I61531
38 Hardison, Charles M.  18 Nov 1865Maury Co, Tennessee I80659
39 Harris, Albina Mary  17 Feb 1840Maury Co, Tennessee I61672
40 Johnson, John Jr.  1810Maury Co, Tennessee I37036
41 Jones, David Samuel  18 Nov 1834Maury Co, Tennessee I80656
42 Jones, Mary Alice  7 May 1868Maury Co, Tennessee I80658
43 Killibrew, Mary Elizabeth  25 Dec 1822Maury Co, Tennessee I58928
44 Killibrew, William Henry "Bill"  12 May 1818Maury Co, Tennessee I58925
45 Matthews, Elliott Lindsey  19 Jul 1876Maury Co, Tennessee I71358
46 Matthews, James D.  18 Jun 1804Maury Co, Tennessee I78132
47 Matthews, James Doak  1828Maury Co, Tennessee I78135
48 Matthews, John Doak "J.D."  21 Jan 1925Maury Co, Tennessee I71360
49 Matthews, John Galloway  19 Nov 1852Maury Co, Tennessee I71356
50 Matthews, Joseph Anderson  19 Dec 1826Maury Co, Tennessee I71354
51 Matthews, Martha "Patsy"  1835Maury Co, Tennessee I78131
52 Middleton, Drury Caruthers  6 Apr 1819Maury Co, Tennessee I42098
53 Middleton, Elizabeth  1810Maury Co, Tennessee I42117
54 Middleton, James R.  1814Maury Co, Tennessee I42120
55 Middleton, John Washington  3 Jan 1808Maury Co, Tennessee  I42116
56 Middleton, Mary  1822Maury Co, Tennessee I42123
57 Middleton, Matilda  1821Maury Co, Tennessee I42121
58 Middleton, Nathan  1829Maury Co, Tennessee I42122
59 Middleton, Nathan  1832Maury Co, Tennessee I42127
60 Middleton, Rebecca  1806Maury Co, Tennessee I42134
61 Morgan, Mary Ellen  7 May 1855Maury Co, Tennessee I71357
62 Roan, Cassandra Catherine  14 Nov 1858Maury Co, Tennessee I98241
63 Shelton, Amos Clinton  15 Mar 1825Maury Co, Tennessee I550
64 Shelton, Kesiah E.  1820Maury Co, Tennessee I6936
65 Shelton, Thomas W.  1837Maury Co, Tennessee I6907
66 Weatherly, Mary Jane (twin)  22 Jul 1817Maury Co, Tennessee I98291
67 Williams, Agatha  2 Jun 1802Maury Co, Tennessee I61583
68 Williams, Martha  1806Maury Co, Tennessee I64796
69 Woody, Eva Eudora  11 Sep 1895Maury Co, Tennessee I71359
70 Woolverton, Bird  23 Dec 1814Maury Co, Tennessee I61609
71 Woolverton, Nancy Artimesia "Artie"  28 Aug 1829Maury Co, Tennessee I61586


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alderson, Elizabeth Nancy  24 Nov 1829Maury Co, Tennessee I65574
2 Alderson, Josiah  1857Maury Co, Tennessee I65548
3 Alderson, Robert  6 Apr 1863Maury Co, Tennessee I65563
4 Alderson, Robert H.  Aft 1810Maury Co, Tennessee I65566
5 Alderson, William L.  1858Maury Co, Tennessee I65571
6 Blackburn, Ambrose (immigrant)  1780Maury Co, Tennessee I5187
7 Blackburn, Edward  18 May 1847Maury Co, Tennessee I898
8 Blankenship, Barsheba  1830Maury Co, Tennessee I79262
9 Caldwell, John F. (immigrant)  1795Maury Co, Tennessee I78915
10 Crafton, Elizabeth Ann  10 Mar 1856Maury Co, Tennessee I15115
11 Dodson, Agatha  1831Maury Co, Tennessee I43909
12 Duncan, Eliza J.  Aft 1855Maury Co, Tennessee I99419
13 Eaton, Amy  7 Jul 1831Maury Co, Tennessee I90976
14 Fuller, Martha H.  25 Jun 1881Maury Co, Tennessee I90981
15 Galloway, Louisa Jane  30 Sep 1893Maury Co, Tennessee I71355
16 Goad, Robert  Aft 1830Maury Co, Tennessee I100111
17 Graves, Alexander R.  29 Apr 1879Maury Co, Tennessee I90980
18 Gregory, Jane  2 Jun 1830Maury Co, Tennessee I15124
19 Hanks, Buford  1 Sep 1835Maury Co, Tennessee I61530
20 Hanks, Elder Elijah  12 Aug 1871Maury Co, Tennessee I43910
21 Hanks, Elijah Newton  4 Apr 1909Maury Co, Tennessee I61536
22 Hanks, Elizabeth  1833Maury Co, Tennessee I61584
23 Hanks, Mary Telitha  4 May 1879Maury Co, Tennessee I61535
24 Hanks, Moses  19 Aug 1831Maury Co, Tennessee I43908
25 Hanks, Nancy Emeline  Mar 1843Maury Co, Tennessee I61534
26 Hanks, Sarah Joyce "Joisey"  May 1850Maury Co, Tennessee I43912
27 Hanna, Andrew  31 Jul 1852Maury Co, Tennessee I71366
28 Hanna, James  16 Sep 1854Maury Co, Tennessee I71365
29 Hanna, Samuel  Dec 1834Maury Co, Tennessee I49997
30 Hungerford, Elizabeth  Bef 1821Maury Co, Tennessee I20985
31 Jenkins, Phillip  1835Maury Co, Tennessee I20984
32 Jenkins, Thomas  Mar 1816Maury Co, Tennessee I20989
33 Jones, David Samuel  1 Nov 1910Maury Co, Tennessee I80656
34 Jones, Evans  Dec 1887Maury Co, Tennessee I80654
35 Jones, John M.  30 Jun 1842Maury Co, Tennessee I79263
36 Jones, Mary Alice  2 Dec 1951Maury Co, Tennessee I80658
37 Jones, Robert  1834Maury Co, Tennessee I80652
38 Knox, Jane  11 Jan 1852Maury Co, Tennessee I91570
39 Mahon, Mrs. Mary "Polly"  1855Maury Co, Tennessee I100078
40 Matthews, Agnes  Aft Oct 1852Maury Co, Tennessee I71374
41 Matthews, Elliott Lindsey  27 May 1947Maury Co, Tennessee I71358
42 Matthews, John  20 Jul 1839Maury Co, Tennessee I71363
43 Matthews, John Galloway  16 Jul 1935Maury Co, Tennessee I71356
44 Matthews, Joseph Anderson  22 Dec 1902Maury Co, Tennessee I71354
45 Matthews, Joseph H.  7 Jun 1847Maury Co, Tennessee I71352
46 Matthews, Martha  19 Aug 1835Maury Co, Tennessee I71364
47 Matthews, Robert  12 Mar 1849Maury Co, Tennessee I71370
48 Matthews (Mathes), James Sr.  Abt 1770Maury Co, Tennessee I49613
49 Morgan, Mary Ellen  18 Dec 1873Maury Co, Tennessee I71357
50 Neavill, Mary  1824Maury Co, Tennessee I61711
51 Price, Susan  1840Maury Co, Tennessee I58764
52 Renfro, William Jr  6 Oct 1846Maury Co, Tennessee I15128
53 Sharp, Anna Catherine  11 Nov 1906Maury Co, Tennessee I80657
54 Smith, Nancy  18 Feb 1840Maury Co, Tennessee I65564
55 Stone, Eusebius (of Sumner)  1826Maury Co, Tennessee I92617
56 Walker, Sarah  29 Aug 1855Maury Co, Tennessee I71353
57 White, Clarrisa  Aft 1800Maury Co, Tennessee I48080
58 Williams, Robert  1837Maury Co, Tennessee I61585
59 Woolverton, Mary  31 Jul 1854Maury Co, Tennessee I61528


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Bazzell, James (son?)  1850Maury Co, Tennessee I58982
2 Bratcher, George H. (white)  1880Maury Co, Tennessee I105068
3 Butts, Joseph  1850Maury Co, Tennessee I71021
4 Dodson, William (occupant 1850)  1880Maury Co, Tennessee I100082
5 Goad (or Gourd), Richard (occupant 1850)  1840Maury Co, Tennessee I100083
6 Goad (or Gourd), Robert (of Maury Co, TN)  1850Maury Co, Tennessee I100077
7 Shelton, George Washington Jr.  1830Maury Co, Tennessee I6931
8 Shelton, George Washington* (son??)  1830Maury Co, Tennessee I6922


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Matthews, James Jr.  Abt 1810Maury Co, Tennessee I49612
2 Matthews (Mathes), James Sr.  Aft 1765Maury Co, Tennessee I49613


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Unknown-Begin    Person ID 
1 Renfro (Renfrow), Moses  1811Maury Co, Tennessee I15125


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Alderson / Sparkman  25 Nov 1842Maury Co, Tennessee F21246
2 Bochers / Bratcher  10 Dec 1879Maury Co, Tennessee F35599
3 Carothers / Blair  9 Jan 1816Maury Co, Tennessee F17633
4 Cody / Shelton  10 Dec 1837Maury Co, Tennessee F10972
5 Goad (or Gourd) / Dodson  1 Dec 1833Maury Co, Tennessee F33661
6 Goad (or Gourd) / Harris  31 Dec 1845Maury Co, Tennessee F33664
7 Graves / Carrigan  17 Sep 1873Maury Co, Tennessee F30407
8 Graves / Fuller  10 Mar 1847Maury Co, Tennessee F30406
9 Hanks / Woolverton  6 Jun 1811Maury Co, Tennessee F20129
10 Helm / Quillen  9 Oct 1816Maury Co, Tennessee F27721
11 Jenkins / Jenkins  Abt 1768Maury Co, Tennessee F7767
12 Jenkins / Polk  Dec 1821Maury Co, Tennessee F7770
13 Killibrew / Harrell  14 Jun 1817Maury Co, Tennessee F19393
14 Matthews / Galloway  16 Jul 1846Maury Co, Tennessee F23095
15 Matthews / Matthews  10 Jul 1823Maury Co, Tennessee F25390
16 Matthews / Morgan  18 Dec 1873Maury Co, Tennessee F23096
17 Middleton / Middleton  1848Maury Co, Tennessee F14052
18 Renfro / Crafton  5 Jun 1817Maury Co, Tennessee F5694
19 Rust / Killibrew  10 Aug 1840Maury Co, Tennessee F19395
20 Shelton / Fitzgerald  1 Jun 1829Maury Co, Tennessee F2917
21 Shelton / Payne  Abt 1803Maury Co, Tennessee F273
22 Shelton / Woolverton  26 Sep 1826Maury Co, Tennessee F20098
23 Slaughter / Mathis (or Mathews)  10 Nov 1834Maury Co, Tennessee F19372
24 Stone / Akin  9 Dec 1840Maury Co, Tennessee F19325
25 Weatherly / Duncan  6 Aug 1839Maury Co, Tennessee F33408
26 Woolverton / Holloway  23 Nov 1828Maury Co, Tennessee F20149
27 Woolverton / Johnson  27 Jul 1830Maury Co, Tennessee F20115