George Washington* Shelton, (son??)

Male Abt 1780 - Aft 1830  (~ 51 years)

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Shadrich W. Jones
Male 1856-Aft 1860
Martha A. Jones
Female 1859-Aft 1860
Martin Jones
Male 1864-Aft 1870
Thomas B. Jones
Male 1866-Aft 1900
Mrs. Sallie (..) Jones
Female 1867-Aft 1900
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Lizzie Jones
Female 1869-Aft 1870
Male Abt 1848-Aft 1869
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Martin H Jones
Male 1822-Aft 1900
Maria Shelton
Female 1832-Aft 1900
C.F. Jones, (son?)
Male Abt 1831-Aft 1870
Thomas Haywood Shelton
Male 1860-Aft 1927
Iola May Moss
Female 1867-1947
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Martha Shelton
Female 1864-Aft 1870
Robert Shelton
Male 1868-1964
Mary Lura Shelton
Female Abt 1871-Abt 1897
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John Shelton
Male 1872-Aft 1880
Mattie Shelton
Female Abt 1873-Bef 1927
George Dick
Male Abt 1873-Bef 1927
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Annie Shelton
Female 1874-Aft 1927
Martin Barrow
Male 1866-Aft 1898
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Thomas W. Shelton
Male 1837-Bef 1880
John W. Shelton
Male 1840-Aft 1860
George W. Shelton
Male 1841-Aft 1870
Amos Shelton
Male 1844-Aft 1860
Jane Fitzgerald
Female 1810-Bef 1850
Mr. (..) Faires
Male Abt 1835-Bef 1855
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James A. Miller
Male 1854-Bef 1900
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James A. Miller
Male 1854-Bef 1900
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Mary Etta Hill
Female 1865-Aft 1886
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(infant) Kirk
Male 1836-1836
(child1) Faires
Female Abt 1839-Aft 1858
Julia Hartwell
Female 1869-Bef 1880
Rosa Lillian Hartwell
Female 1874-Aft 1930
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Alberta Hartwell
Female 1875-1903
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Edna O. Hartwell
Female 1877-Aft 1880
Edward S. Anderson
Male 1866-Aft 1920
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Martha Wilson Shelton
Female 1816-Aft 1860
John William Gibbons
Male Abt 1816-Aft 1840
Carroll J Wallis
Male Abt 1864-Aft 1865
W.R. Wallis
Male Abt 1866-Aft 1867
Lenora Wallis
Female Abt 1868-Aft 1889
William Schroder
Male Abt 1868-Aft 1889
Olivia Wallis
Female Abt 1870-Aft 1891
Sam Sampson
Male Abt 1870-Aft 1891
Elizabeth Belzora Speights
Female Abt 1843-Aft 1875
Mary Louise Kilgore
Female Abt 1846-Bef 1872
Emmett Wallis
Male Abt 1888-Bef 1900
Sally Ann Wooten
Female 1851-1939
Mary Hartwell
Female 1877-Aft 1880
Rosa Lee
Female Abt 1880-Aft 1904
Nancy E. Fisher
Female 1883-Aft 1900
Sallie Hartwell
Female 1882-Aft 1885
Jessie Hartwell
Female 1883-1939
C.E. Shaw
Male Abt 1873-Aft 1910
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La Pearl Hartwell
Female 1888-Aft 1910
R.H. Hartwell
Male 1848-Aft 1860
Shelton Hartwell
Male 1850-Aft 1860
Lenna Hancock
Female 1872-Aft 1880
Albert Hancock
Male 1874-1957
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Hartwell Hancock
Male 1876-Aft 1880
Pauline Ophelia Lewis
Female 1881-Bef 1956
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Raymond Hancock
Male 1879-Aft 1880
Vera Naoma Rawls
Female 1901-1993
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Ross Hancock
Male 1883-1884
Martha Wilson Hartwell
Female 1860-Aft 1865
Martha A. Cody
Female 1839-Aft 1850
William J. Cody
Male 1841-Aft 1850
Mary S. Cody
Female 1842-Aft 1850
George W. Cody
Male 1847-1930
John J. Cody
Male 1817-1886
Polly Shelton
Female Abt 1823-Aft 1841
Walter Shelton
Male 1871-Aft 1880
Thomas Shelton
Male 1873-Aft 1880
Cora Shelton
Female 1878-Aft 1880
Lee McFull Wise
Male 1872-1950
Winfred Shelton
Male 1850-1920
Jane Ella Hill
Female 1854-Aft 1920
Nellie May Moler
Female Abt 1879-Aft 1906
William Cliffe
Male Abt 1882-Aft 1905
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Dellama Sherman
Female 1884-Aft 1906
J Lynn Thompson
Male Abt 1884-
Ruth M. Sherman
Female 1896-1979
John Richard Carnes
Male 1891-Aft 1950
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Albert Caldwell Sherman
Male Abt 1898-Aft 1899
Shelton Sherman
Male 1880-1914
H.G. Collier
Male Abt 1884-Aft 1910
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Sidney Sherman
Male Abt 1884-Aft 1885
Grace Sherman
Female 1893-1962
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Mary Ann Shelton
Female 1858-1906
Charles Sherman
Male 1856-1904
Walter Shelton
Male 1860-1867
Milfred Barnes
Male 1882-1914
Bessie Barnes
Female 1885-1958
Jesse Wiggins
Male 1885-1941
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Clinton Barnes
Male 1889-1898
Vida Barnes
Female 1891-1937
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Mary Barnes
Female 1894-1989
David Green Clayton
Male Abt 1894-1930
Ruth Jessie Wallace Miles
Female Abt 1896-Aft 1958
Fannie Shelton
Female 1863-1944
Linus Barnes
Male 1856-1923
Ellie Mae Neuman
Female 1902-1963
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Mae Perkins (..) Lute, Mrs
Female Abt 1883-Aft 1954
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Hance Martin "Jack" Myers
Male Abt 1879-Aft 1909
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Frances Freeland Burr
Female Abt 1897-Aft 1927
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Henry Austin Varn
Male Abt 1909-Aft 1950
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Violet Sherman
Female 1892-1986
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Elda Eva Doiron
Female 1905-1982
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Burl Sherman
Male 1910-1910
Nellie Shelton
Female 1867-1930
Homer Woods
Male Abt 1871-Aft 1891
Lucy Shelton
Female 1871-1871
Caroline Wiggins
Female 1831-1893
Laura May Eugenie Carraway
Female Abt 1875-Aft 1876
Genie Carraway
Female 1881-Aft 1830
Nina Carraway
Female 1883-Aft 1930
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Alice Green
Female 1847-1923
Patrick Carraway
Male 1846-Aft 1870
Lenna Hancock
Female Abt 1869-Aft 1900
Charles Day
Male Abt 1869-Aft 1900
Martha J.L. Carraway
Female 1848-Aft 1870
Patrick Henry Carraway
Male Abt 1827-Bef 1849
William Nelson
Male 1852-Aft 1860
Amos Nelson
Male 1852-Aft 1860
Dewitt C. Nelson
Male 1858-Aft 1915
Benjamin Nelson
Male 1858-Aft 1960
Erastus E. Nelson
Male 1861-Aft 1880
William W. Nelson
Male 1827-Aft 1880
Oscar Jones
Male 1877-1930
Jessie M. Stockholm
Female 1881-Aft 1930
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Abbie A Jones
Female 1880-1886
Bee Jones
Female Abt 1885-Aft 1886
Ruthie Irene Jones
Female Abt 1889-Aft 1890
James Taylor Jones
Male 1893-Aft 1900
Emeline Wiggins
Female 1851-1913
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Ara Swindle
Female 1887-1958
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Sylvia Dennison
Female Abt 1884-Aft 1915
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Mary Anna Berry
Female 1899-1952
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Jessie Edna Sherman
Female 1897-Aft 1940
Morris Townsend
Male Abt 1897-Aft 1918
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James R Jones
Male 1859-Aft 1860
D.I. Worthy
Female 1890-Aft 1900
Annie Payne Jones
Female 1861-Aft 1910
John A Worthy
Male Abt 1860-Aft 1881
Nash Barton Land
Male 1900-1956
John F. Lands
Male 1875-Aft 1900
Annie Fulks
Female 1886-Aft 1900
Carroll Fulks
Male 1889-Aft 1900
Hazel Fulks
Female 1891-Aft 1900
Mary E. Fulks
Female 1894-Aft 1900
James C. Fulks
Male 1897-Aft 1900
Tabitha Jane Shelton
Female 1828-Aft 1870
James J Jones
Male 1826-1871
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Annie* Payne
Female Abt 1780-Aft 1830