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This site traces all lines of my sons' ancestors; as well as many, many collateral lines, including neighbors, friends, in-laws, extended branches of the direct-line ancestors, and even a few family lines "just because." So, please check the surname index. Most lines reach back to the beginnings of the New World and into mostly United Kingdom and Germany/Prussia, but virtually all - direct lines anyway eventually find their way to Jefferson County, Texas.

This compilation of data has been ongoing for over a decade, utilizing my own research, other family members' research, researchers who have generously shared their data, and data that has been ferreted out from the Internet. As with all genealogical work, it is a work in progress that will never be completed in this lifetime. This file is my working copy, and I am constantly adding to, tweaking, adjusting. So, check back periodically for added information.

To help guide through the direct ancestors, mine are indicated with an asterisk ( * ) in the name and my sons' father's direct ancestors are so indicated with a caret ( ^ ).

MY PATERNAL LINES: Moyer, Breckenridge, Snider, Skinner, Stone, Barnhill, Nichols, Randles, Compton, Howard, McGowen, Moler, more recent families settled in Southern Illinois, predominantly Sangamon and Christian Counties (see the Moyer/Snider Scrapbook).

MY MATERNAL LINES: Jones, Lovelady, settling in DeWitt and Anderson County, Texas; Madden, Bonham, Helm; Sherman, Stebbins of Chambers County, Texas; Kirk, Beebe; and then Courts and Gentz who settled in Jefferson County, Texas. Courts/Gentz came from a large band of families who entered Texas during Republic of Texas days and before, coming from Southwest Louisiana, and many from Natchez, Mississippi, before that. They include direct ancestors such as Hayes, Burrell, Clark, Johnson, Forman, Comstock, and many others.

Both lines of my sons' paternal lines predominantly settled in Pampa, Clay County, Texas.

PATERNAL LINES: Oglesby, Gallagher, Bates, Cooper, Randolph, Grider, Oates, Hufstedler, Davis, Shaver, more recent families from Arkansas.

MATERNAL LINES: Ryther, Goosay, Anthony, Saltsman, Millard, Bruce, Tipton, Tadlock, more recent ones coming though New Mexico, Kansas, as well as other states.

DNA Many of us have DNA tested. Sites related to our results are:
DNA Workup: Y Chromosome and Mitochondrial (U5) Report

Ancestry.com Our-Family-Tree by user Lumoto, outline tree for autosomal DNA purposes.

DNA Kits uploaded to Gedmatch. once registered and logged in, see User Lookup, email address: lumoto1@gmail.com for available kits;

FamilyTreeDNA autosomal kits: Sherry Sharp; Gloria Jones Moyer; John Edward Sharp; Sheridan Sharp; Glen Leslie Moyer

Great care has been taken for accuracy, but as any genealogical work, errors can be inadvertently passed on even by the most diligent. Any added information, suggestions, comments, leads, corrections, or simply a note to say you've visited will all be gladly welcomed.

Thank you for visiting!
Sherry Moyer Sharp, Owner/Administrator

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Also featured on this site are a few reports, albums, several cemeteries, tons of media, all can be accessed from the column on the left. At the top of each person's page you can make ancestry, descendant, relationship reports and other features.

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