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Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


Report: People who lived in Augusta County Virginia


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brown, Jean  Abt 1775of, Augusta Co, Virginia I50354
2 Carpenter, Frances  Abt 1747of, Augusta Co, Virginia I58175
3 Glass, Elizabeth  Abt 1735of, Augusta Co, Virginia I49826
4 Hays, Patrick  Abt 1775of, Augusta Co, Virginia I50355
5 Larew, John  Abt 1779of, Augusta Co, Virginia I50170
6 Smith, Levi  Between 1761 and 1770of, Augusta Co, Virginia I53307
7 Steele, Sarah  Abt 1738of, Augusta Co, Virginia I52989


Matches 1 to 85 of 85

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Beard, Robert  Aft 1790of, Augusta Co, Virginia I50405
2 Berry, James  Aft 1803of, Augusta Co, Virginia I50091
3 Breckenridge, James  1756of, Augusta Co, Virginia I5774
4 Breckenridge, Letitia (immigrant)  Aft 1750of, Augusta Co, Virginia I12
5 Brown, Jean  Aft 1809of, Augusta Co, Virginia I50354
6 Brown, John  Aft 1809of, Augusta Co, Virginia I50349
7 Brown, John (infirm)  Aft 1809of, Augusta Co, Virginia I50380
8 Brown, Mary  Aft 1809of, Augusta Co, Virginia I50356
9 Brown, Robert  Aft 1809of, Augusta Co, Virginia I50358
10 Brown, Samuel  Aft 1809of, Augusta Co, Virginia I50350
11 Brown, Thomas  Aft 1809of, Augusta Co, Virginia I50348
12 Brown, William  Aft 1809of, Augusta Co, Virginia I50351
13 Brown, William  Aft 1809of, Augusta Co, Virginia I62091
14 Campbell, David (Black David)  Aft 1750of, Augusta Co, Virginia I50020
15 Conyngham, Jane  Aft 1760of, Augusta Co, Virginia I50021
16 Cunningham, Mrs. Ann (..)  Aft 1750of, Augusta Co, Virginia I53368
17 Cunningham, David  1778of, Augusta Co, Virginia I53367
18 Davis, Jennet  Aft 1810of, Augusta Co, Virginia I34530
19 Doak, (daughter)  Aft 1810of, Augusta Co, Virginia I52969
20 Doak, (daughter)  Aft 1810of, Augusta Co, Virginia I52963
21 Doak, (daughter)  Aft 1810of, Augusta Co, Virginia I52964
22 Doak, (daughter)  Aft 1810of, Augusta Co, Virginia I52965
23 Doak, (daughter)  Aft 1810of, Augusta Co, Virginia I52971
24 Doak, (Mrs. Robert)  Aft 1775of, Augusta Co, Virginia I53175
25 Doak, Alcinda Jane  Aft 1841of, Augusta Co, Virginia I50175
26 Doak, David  Aft 1810of, Augusta Co, Virginia I52967
27 Doak, Eliza Catherine  Aft 1842of, Augusta Co, Virginia I50176
28 Doak, Fanny  Aft 1810of, Augusta Co, Virginia I50095
29 Doak, Isabel  Aft 1771of, Augusta Co, Virginia I353
30 Doak, Jenny (Jane)  Aft 1799of, Augusta Co, Virginia I50090
31 Doak, John  Aft 1810of, Augusta Co, Virginia I50313
32 Doak, John  Aft 1810of, Augusta Co, Virginia I50317
33 Doak, Julia  Aft 1806of, Augusta Co, Virginia I50315
34 Doak, Margaret "Peggy"  Aft 1799of, Augusta Co, Virginia I50094
35 Doak, Nancy  Aft 1810of, Augusta Co, Virginia I50314
36 Doak, Rosanna  Aft 1810of, Augusta Co, Virginia I50177
37 Doak, Samuel  Aft 1810of, Augusta Co, Virginia I50312
38 Finley, David  Aft 1791of, Augusta Co, Virginia I52985
39 Finley, John  Aft 1789of, Augusta Co, Virginia I53000
40 Finley, William  Aft 1789of, Augusta Co, Virginia I52999
41 Greer, Alexander  Aft 1750of, Augusta Co, Virginia I53284
42 Greer, Martha  Aft 1750of, Augusta Co, Virginia I53285
43 Greer, Mary  Aft 1750of, Augusta Co, Virginia I53286
44 Greer, Rebecca  Aft 1750of, Augusta Co, Virginia I53283
45 Gum, Abram  Aft 1786of, Augusta Co, Virginia I56593
46 Hay, Grissell "Grace"  1770of, Augusta Co, VIrginia I50009
47 Hays, Patrick  Aft 1809of, Augusta Co, Virginia I50355
48 Houston, Esther  Aft 1779of, Augusta Co, Virginia I50416
49 Howard, John  Aft 1770of, Augusta Co, Virginia I56517
50 Lingle, Anna Christina Bar  Aft 1770of, Augusta Co, Virginia I56369
51 McClure, Mrs. Agnes (..)  Aft 1775of, Augusta Co, Virginia I53269
52 McClure, Hannah  Aft 1760of, Augusta Co, Virginia I64795
53 McKay, Martha  Aft 1763of, Augusta Co, Virginia I49455
54 McTeer, Elizabeth  Aft 1793of, Augusta Co, Virginia I81193
55 McTeer, Elizabeth  Aft 1812of, Augusta Co, Virginia I81197
56 McTeer, Isabella  Aft 1812of, Augusta Co, Virginia I81198
57 McTeer, Mitchell  Aft 1812of, Augusta Co, Virginia I81196
58 McTeer, Sarah  Aft 1793of, Augusta Co, Virginia I81192
59 McTeer, William  Aft 1793of, Augusta Co, Virginia I81189
60 McTeer, William  Aft 1812of, Augusta Co, Virginia I81195
61 Milliken, John  Aft 1800of, Augusta Co, Virginia I53301
62 Mitchell, Isabelle  Aft 1810of, Augusta Co, Virginia I52970
63 Mitchell, James Jr.  Aft 1809of, Augusta Co, Virginia I50357
64 Mitchell, Jane  Aft 1812of, Augusta Co, Virginia I81194
65 Mitchell, Mary (immigrant)  Aft 1755of, Augusta Co, Virginia I49630
66 Mitchell, Mary (Elizabeth?) (dau?)  1811of, Augusta Co, Virginia I49636
67 Mitchell, Thomas  Aft 1805of, Augusta Co, Virginia I49638
68 Montgomery, John  Aft 1779of, Augusta Co, Virginia I50415
69 Robinson, George  Aft 1740of, Augusta Co, Virginia I49419
70 Robinson, James  Aft 1763of, Augusta Co, Virginia I49464
71 Robinson, John  Aft 1758of, Augusta Co, Virginia I49445
72 Robinson, Joseph  Aft 1758of, Augusta Co, Virginia I49444
73 Robinson, Martha  Aft 1763of, Augusta Co, Virginia I49460
74 Robinson, Sarah  Aft 1763of, Augusta Co, Virginia I49462
75 Shields, Margaret "Peggy"  1816of, Augusta Co, Virginia I50099
76 Smith, John  Aft 1750of, Augusta Co, Virginia I48222
77 Steele, Sarah  Aft 1765of, Augusta Co, Virginia I52989
78 Tate, John  Aft 1772of, Augusta Co, Virginia I49631
79 Tate, William  Aft 1773of, Augusta Co, Virginia I50030
80 Thompson, Mrs. (Mrs. Robert)  Aft 1785of, Augusta Co, Virginia I52864
81 Thompson, Mrs. Eleanor (..)  Aft 1762of, Augusta Co, Virginia I52946
82 Thompson, Jane  Aft 1800of, Augusta Co, Virginia I52865
83 Trimble, John  Aft 1791of, Augusta Co, Virginia I52986
84 Walker, Elizabeth  Aft 1740of, Augusta Co, Virginia I49758
85 Wilson, Matthew  Aft 1780of, Augusta Co, Virginia I49643


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Carson / Gibson  Abt 1773of, Augusta Co, Virginia F13054
2 Sankey / Thomson  Abt 1740of, Augusta Co, Virginia F17438
3 Wilson / Mitchell  Bef 1770of, Augusta Co, Virginia F16364