West Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barnett, Eliza V.  1876West Virginia I68404
2 Barnett, Elizabeth A.  1859West Virginia I68406
3 Barnett, Henry L.  1869West Virginia I68400
4 Barnett, Iona Jane (or Jona Z)  1863West Virginia I68402
5 Barnett, Lucinda E.  1869West Virginia I68403
6 Barnett, Sabina  1867West Virginia I64246
7 Barnett, Sarah  1865West Virginia I68409
8 Barnett, William L.J.  1871West Virginia I68401
9 Barnett, Zona Z.  1862West Virginia I68408
10 Brown, Nancy P.  1872West Virginia I44060
11 Campbell, Lucy Etta  26 Sep 1848West Virginia I248
12 Gainer, Christena  Nov 1837West Virginia I64248
13 Green, Simeon F.  Mar 1866West Virginia I72697
14 Hager, Nancy J.  Abt 1882West Virginia I64242
15 Hancock, Hugh Claton  26 Mar 1889West Virginia I84831
16 Harman, Malinda G.  Apr 1876West Virginia I72698
17 Helm, John G.  Abt 1792West Virginia I66068
18 Hewgley, Mrs. Mary (..)  1901West Virginia I42335
19 Kiser, Harvey  Between 1842 and 1844West Virginia I55992
20 Kiser, Mary L.  1913West Virginia I55971
21 Lantz, Thelma Grey  9 Sep 1923West Virginia I81153
22 Lemasters, Josine  16 Mar 1868West Virginia I14776
23 Lutman, Susan  18 Sep 1825West Virginia I65943
24 McGuire, Willa Mae  22 Apr 1929West Virginia I95467
25 McLane, Matilda Jane  22 Apr 1859West Virginia I81164
26 Mowry, William  25 Feb 1829West Virginia I90959
27 Pease, Guy A.  1904West Virginia I44062
28 Pease, Ima M.  1901West Virginia I44061
29 Pease, Mattie E.  1906West Virginia I44063
30 Pease, Millard Filmore  1870West Virginia I44059
31 Price, Mrs. Elsie M. (..)  1872West Virginia I98012
32 Richie, Mrs. Vernily (..)  Abt 1853West Virginia I64244
33 Richie, Winfield S.  Abt 1876West Virginia I64241
34 Sparks, Mrs. Effie (..)  Abt 1902West Virginia I95465
35 Sparks, Gideon  5 Aug 1898West Virginia I73006
36 Sparks, Hannah Jane  20 Mar 1884West Virginia I95387
37 Sparks, Marvin Eugene  6 Mar 1927West Virginia I95466
38 Sparks, Oliver  Abt 1900West Virginia I95464
39 Sparks, Sarah Lou "Sally"  17 Aug 1897West Virginia I95459
40 Trumbo, Buelah  Dec 1891West Virginia I56138
41 Trumbo, Celetha  Jul 1888West Virginia I56137
42 Trumbo, Grover D.  Aug 1884West Virginia I56136
43 Trumbo, Lou D.  Nov 1883West Virginia I56135
44 Wetzel, Robert  Mar 1882West Virginia I102539
45 Whitehair, Fidelana  1844West Virginia I74673
46 Wilson, Archie R.  Abt 1914West Virginia I64234
47 Wilson, Blanch M.  Jun 1892West Virginia I68419
48 Wilson, Daniel Brown  1833West Virginia I64247
49 Wilson, Earl  Apr 1894West Virginia I68424
50 Wilson, George B.  1858West Virginia I68414
51 Wilson, Hannah Catharine  1863West Virginia I68416
52 Wilson, Ingaby  Jul 1880West Virginia I68423
53 Wilson, Levi J.  Mar 1874West Virginia I68422
54 Wilson, Lucinda B.  1874West Virginia I68420
55 Wilson, Mary J.  1867West Virginia I68418
56 Wilson, Thomas  Apr 1898West Virginia I68425
57 Wilson, Valentine  1861West Virginia I68415


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Beach, Jessie Fremont  5 May 1942West Virginia I72686
2 Conner, Sabrah Ann (not dau)  1803West Virginia I105641
3 Fox, Amos  22 Mar 1806West Virginia I17516
4 Fox, Gabriel  15 Dec 1799West Virginia I68327
5 Green, Leonard  1906West Virginia I72695
6 Green, Simeon F.  1912West Virginia I72697
7 Harlan, Daniel  11 Mar 1864West Virginia I14754
8 Harlan, James Albert  21 Jan 1959West Virginia I14775
9 Harlan, William N  9 Aug 1909West Virginia I14761
10 Linville, Eliza Jane  29 Feb 1952West Virginia I71827
11 Mobley, Margaret A  4 Sep 1870West Virginia I14745
12 Shrader, Victoria  1948West Virginia I95456
13 Springston, Margaret Ann  10 Feb 1919West Virginia I90958
14 Stone, James Marion  1889West Virginia I54209
15 White, Timothy  17 May 1919West Virginia I86485
16 Williamson, James William  7 Jun 1935West Virginia I84596
17 Wood (or Woods), Marianne  14 Sep 1907West Virginia I81161


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Scofield, Matthew Bell  1837West Virginia I21935


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Sanders, William M.  Between 21 Aug 1861 and 8 Jul 1865West Virginia I71485


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Cole, James* Sr. (Immigrant)  Aft 1730West Virginia I10506


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Brown / Hunter  4 Nov 1866West Virginia F26519
2 Ellison (Allison) / Kilpatrick  Abt 1782West Virginia F29800
3 Forman / Dubois  1746West Virginia F30452
4 Given / Wilson  Abt 1894West Virginia F22112
5 Green / Harman  1892West Virginia F23540
6 Hammer / Caplinger  Abt 1804West Virginia F18423
7 Lyons / Hancock  25 Nov 1936West Virginia F27830
8 Mowry / Springston  1851West Virginia F30395
9 Myers (Moyers) / Cox  Abt 1848West Virginia F19461
10 Rentfro / Renfro  1819West Virginia F5714
11 Richie / Hager  Abt 1896West Virginia F20766
12 Richie / Richie  Abt 1873West Virginia F20767
13 Wilson / Barnett  Abt 1890West Virginia F20768
14 Yoakum / See  1748West Virginia F8217