Guilford Co, North Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Aydelott, John  1736Guilford Co, North Carolina I99495
2 Aydelott, Shadrack (Zadock)  8 May 1775Guilford Co, North Carolina I52816
3 Bain, Edward  1861Guilford Co, North Carolina I51603
4 Bain, James Franklin  19 Jul 1857Guilford Co, North Carolina I51602
5 Bain, Rosa  1851Guilford Co, North Carolina I51600
6 Barnard, James J.  Jan 1831Guilford Co, North Carolina I74574
7 Beeson, Everett Denny  21 Nov 1858Guilford Co, North Carolina I71282
8 Beeson, Jehu W.  12 Apr 1825Guilford Co, North Carolina I71268
9 Bell, Jane  Abt 1764Guilford Co, North Carolina I78858
10 Brown (?), Mary "Polly"  Abt 1756Guilford Co, North Carolina I72860
11 Cantrell, Peter  1772Guilford Co, North Carolina I98861
12 Chilcutt (Shilcutt), James Lewis  15 Aug 1784Guilford Co, North Carolina I99305
13 Clapp, Alfred M.  19 Feb 1822Guilford Co, North Carolina I80865
14 Clapp, Anna Barbara  11 May 1776Guilford Co, North Carolina I67835
15 Clapp, Barbara  10 May 1800Guilford Co, North Carolina I80764
16 Clapp, Catherine  22 Dec 1797Guilford Co, North Carolina I80869
17 Clapp, Isaac Sr.  4 May 1791Guilford Co, North Carolina I80868
18 Coe, Huldah  25 Mar 1786Guilford Co, North Carolina I99319
19 Denney, Elizabeth J.  29 Nov 1822Guilford Co, North Carolina I99303
20 Doak, (2 daughters)  Between 1776 and 1790Guilford Co, North Carolina I53180
21 Doak, (2 sons)  Between 1776 and 1790Guilford Co, North Carolina I53179
22 Doak, (4 infants)  Between 1860 and 1876Guilford Co, North Carolina I51646
23 Doak, Ann  Between 1804 and 1810Guilford Co, North Carolina I51650
24 Doak, Caroline Thankful  16 Sep 1826Guilford Co, North Carolina I51682
25 Doak, Coach Charles Glenn "Chick"  7 Oct 1884Guilford Co, North Carolina I49973
26 Doak, Charles Wilson "Chick"  1 Oct 1919Guilford Co, North Carolina I50372
27 Doak, Rev. Daniel Gillespie  Abt 1803Guilford Co, North Carolina I71265
28 Doak, Eleanor DeJoina "Nell"  Apr 1879Guilford Co, North Carolina I49970
29 Doak, Elizabeth  Abt 1751Guilford Co, North Carolina I51731
30 Doak, Elizabeth O. "Lizzie"  Jun 1826Guilford Co, North Carolina I51604
31 Doak, Elizabeth Thankful  Abt 1793Guilford Co, North Carolina I51676
32 Doak, Emily P.  12 Jan 1820Guilford Co, North Carolina I51590
33 Doak, Eula E.  21 Feb 1871Guilford Co, North Carolina I49978
34 Doak, Frances Watson  26 Jun 1916Guilford Co, North Carolina I50376
35 Doak, Francis Rentfroe   I97475
36 Doak, Hannah  1785Guilford Co, North Carolina I51675
37 Doak, James  1772Guilford Co, North Carolina I51672
38 Doak, James  Abt 1807Guilford Co, North Carolina I51695
39 Doak, James Wilson III  24 May 1835Guilford Co, North Carolina I49963
40 Doak, Jane Wilkins  14 Sep 1826Guilford Co, North Carolina I51596
41 Doak, Capt John  Jan 1773Guilford Co, North Carolina I51702
42 Doak, John McMurray  1809Guilford Co, North Carolina I51648
43 Doak, Jonathan  1794Guilford Co, North Carolina I51730
44 Doak, Josiah David  Abt 1753Guilford Co, North Carolina I51732
45 Doak, Josiah Stuart  1788Guilford Co, North Carolina I51723
46 Doak, Julie Ann  1830Guilford Co, North Carolina I51614
47 Doak, Martha  1789Guilford Co, North Carolina I51724
48 Doak, Martha  1793Guilford Co, North Carolina I49960
49 Doak, Mary  Abt 1786Guilford Co, North Carolina I51711
50 Doak, Mary C.  1833Guilford Co, North Carolina I51612
51 Doak, Mary Cole  10 Oct 1860Guilford Co, North Carolina I49975
52 Doak, Mary H.  1829Guilford Co, North Carolina I51678
53 Doak, Nancy Ann  12 Nov 1809Guilford Co, North Carolina I71272
54 Doak, Robert (son of who?)  Abt 1775Guilford Co, North Carolina I78891
55 Doak, Robert  1785Guilford Co, North Carolina I51703
56 Doak, Robert Sydens  16 Mar 1881Guilford Co, North Carolina I49971
57 Doak, Robroy  Abt 1808Guilford Co, North Carolina I51696
58 Doak, Roddy  1787Guilford Co, North Carolina I51721
59 Doak, Teadocia  Abt 1806Guilford Co, North Carolina I51694
60 Doak, Captain William  27 Jun 1782Guilford Co, North Carolina I51742
61 Doak, Trader William (of Doaks Stand)  1784Guilford Co, North Carolina I49955
62 Doak, Col. William M.  21 Sep 1777Guilford Co, North Carolina I51674
63 Doak, William Paisley  Abt 1780Guilford Co, North Carolina I51734
64 Donnell, George Sr.  4 Jul 1759Guilford Co, North Carolina I99405
65 Donnell, Isabella  12 Mar 1799Guilford Co, North Carolina I99403
66 Donnell, Mary "Polly"  1796Guilford Co, North Carolina I78865
67 Donnell, Rev. Robert Thomas  1781Guilford Co, North Carolina I78859
68 Donnell, Rev. Samuel  1774Guilford Co, North Carolina I78890
69 Donnell, Capt. William "Billy" (son?)  26 Apr 1760Guilford Co, North Carolina I78854
70 Donnell, William Preston  1771Guilford Co, North Carolina I99429
71 Donnell, William S. "Cedar Bill" Jr.  4 Aug 1778Guilford Co, North Carolina I78892
72 Fields, Anne  1768Guilford Co, North Carolina I100702
73 Fields, Benjamin  1 Feb 1768Guilford Co, North Carolina I99309
74 Fincher, Jean  1770Guilford Co, North Carolina I73992
75 Fogleman, George Albert "Ab"  22 Jan 1869Guilford Co, North Carolina I71390
76 Foster, Albert Gilbert  1795Guilford Co, North Carolina I78830
77 Foster, Elizabeth "Betsy"  12 Jun 1777Guilford Co, North Carolina I50318
78 Foster, Emsley Donnell  Abt 1793Guilford Co, North Carolina I51737
79 Foster, James  Abt 1774Guilford Co, North Carolina I78802
80 Foster, John Donnell  11 Dec 1784Guilford Co, North Carolina I78806
81 Foster, Margaret  1774Guilford Co, North Carolina I78805
82 Foster, Martha Alexander  Abt 1776Guilford Co, North Carolina I78889
83 Foster, Mary "Polly"  24 Apr 1772Guilford Co, North Carolina I51725
84 Foster, Robert Albert  Abt 1769Guilford Co, North Carolina I50324
85 Fulton, Samuel Jr.  1777Guilford Co, North Carolina I99296
86 Gamble, Reuben Ross  1805Guilford Co, North Carolina I99328
87 Garrett, Lizzie H.  Feb 1865Guilford Co, North Carolina I51606
88 Gillespie, Catherine Caroline  23 Oct 1827Guilford Co, North Carolina I71433
89 Gillespie, Robert  31 Jul 1778Guilford Co, North Carolina I51684
90 Gillespie, Robert Hanner  9 Jun 1811Guilford Co, North Carolina I71442
91 Gorrell, Albert Theophilus  24 Jun 1821Guilford Co, North Carolina I71450
92 Gorrell, Catherine Ann  1807Guilford Co, North Carolina I71446
93 Gorrell, David  21 Nov 1770Guilford Co, North Carolina I71411
94 Gorrell, David Kerr  1816Guilford Co, North Carolina I71448
95 Gorrell, Elizabeth Margaret  1813Guilford Co, North Carolina I71443
96 Gorrell, Finley Washington  1805Guilford Co, North Carolina I71445
97 Gorrell, Franklin L. Sr.  Abt 1794Guilford Co, North Carolina I71421
98 Gorrell, James  Abt 1797Guilford Co, North Carolina I71439
99 Gorrell, James Stewart  1 Dec 1819Guilford Co, North Carolina I71449
100 Gorrell, John Randolph  1812Guilford Co, North Carolina I71447

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Albright, Anna Elizabeth  2 Nov 1839Guilford Co, North Carolina I80875
2 Albright, John Ludwig  29 Apr 1816Guilford Co, North Carolina I69012
3 Aydelott, John  1786Guilford Co, North Carolina I99495
4 Chilcutt (Shilcutt), Harrietta  1822Guilford Co, North Carolina I99292
5 Clapp, Anna Margaretha  19 Nov 1807Guilford Co, North Carolina I80936
6 Clapp, Catherine  9 Oct 1846Guilford Co, North Carolina I80869
7 Clapp, George Valentine (immigrant)  12 Oct 1773Guilford Co, North Carolina I80885
8 Clapp, Isaac Sr.  9 Oct 1832Guilford Co, North Carolina I80868
9 Clapp, John Barnhardt Jr.  27 Sep 1844Guilford Co, North Carolina I80871
10 Clapp, John George  23 Jan 1800Guilford Co, North Carolina I80874
11 Coe, Sarah  Bef 1800Guilford Co, North Carolina I99510
12 Cole, Dejoina P. "Joeney"  25 Sep 1861Guilford Co, North Carolina I49962
13 Denney, Elizabeth J.  1915Guilford Co, North Carolina I99303
14 Denny, James  10 Dec 1790Guilford Co, North Carolina I78636
15 Doak, (4 infants)  Between 1860 and 1870Guilford Co, North Carolina I51646
16 Doak, Caroline Thankful  12 Mar 1856Guilford Co, North Carolina I51682
17 Doak, Eleanor Douglas  7 Nov 1985Guilford Co, North Carolina I51589
18 Doak, Hannah  10 Dec 1856Guilford Co, North Carolina I51675
19 Doak, Captain James Wilson Sr.  3 Feb 1806Guilford Co, North Carolina I49951
20 Doak, Sheriff James Wilson (Sheriff) II  9 Jan 1850Guilford Co, North Carolina I49959
21 Doak, Nancy Ann  13 Jun 1849Guilford Co, North Carolina I71272
22 Doak, Robert  Bef Nov 1796Guilford Co, North Carolina I51668
23 Doak, William  Bef Nov 1807Guilford Co, North Carolina I49968
24 Doak, Col. William M.  27 May 1845Guilford Co, North Carolina I51674
25 Donnell, Daniel  22 Jan 1835Guilford Co, North Carolina I71420
26 Donnell, Thomas  1795Guilford Co, North Carolina I99407
27 Edwards, Janis  1770Guilford Co, North Carolina I78637
28 Ervin, Mary "Polly"  21 May 1814Guilford Co, North Carolina I78867
29 Erwin, Isabella  6 Mar 1816Guilford Co, North Carolina I52975
30 Estes, Orella  15 Dec 1912Guilford Co, North Carolina I51640
31 Fields, Benjamin  18 Dec 1843Guilford Co, North Carolina I99309
32 Foust, Judith  22 Jul 1845Guilford Co, North Carolina I80870
33 Gillespie, Catherine Caroline  26 Jan 1905Guilford Co, North Carolina I71433
34 Gillespie, Nancy Hanner  Bef 1747Guilford Co, North Carolina I71422
35 Gillespie, Robert  23 Sep 1829Guilford Co, North Carolina I51684
36 Gillespie, Thankful  23 Feb 1845Guilford Co, North Carolina I51681
37 Goff, Stephen  Jan 1799Guilford Co, North Carolina I78792
38 Gorrell, Ann  21 Nov 1821Guilford Co, North Carolina I71437
39 Gorrell, David  23 Feb 1848Guilford Co, North Carolina I71411
40 Gorrell, Elizabeth Margaret  1884Guilford Co, North Carolina I71443
41 Gorrell, Nancy Agnes  4 Jun 1844Guilford Co, North Carolina I71436
42 Gorrell, Ralph Sr. (Immigrant)  16 Apr 1816Guilford Co, North Carolina I71412
43 Gorrell, Ralph  14 Aug 1875Guilford Co, North Carolina I71432
44 Gorrell, Robert  27 Nov 1841Guilford Co, North Carolina I51685
45 Hanna, Robert Sr.  Bef May 1819Guilford Co, North Carolina I50284
46 Hanner, Nancy  8 Feb 1852Guilford Co, North Carolina I71440
47 Ingle, George (immigrant)  17 Sep 1797Guilford Co, North Carolina I80937
48 Isley, Mary Elizabeth  19 May 1930Guilford Co, North Carolina I80935
49 Keck, William  10 Nov 1840Guilford Co, North Carolina I69034
50 Kerr, Mary "Nancy"  25 Apr 1816Guilford Co, North Carolina I71431
51 Kirkman, Leven  19 Jan 1858Guilford Co, North Carolina I99339
52 Kirkman, Roddy D.  1 Jul 1863Guilford Co, North Carolina I71273
53 Kirkman-Forbes, Tabitha  Bef 7 Jan 1858Guilford Co, North Carolina I99348
54 Latham, Jane  1784Guilford Co, North Carolina I99408
55 Lovelady, Simeon  Aft 1780Guilford Co, North Carolina I12950
56 Lovelady (Lovelatty), Thomas Jr  1783Guilford Co, North Carolina I12940
57 Lovett, Aaron  19 Oct 1833Guilford Co, North Carolina I99388
58 Lyon, (infant)  Between 1900 and 1909Guilford Co, North Carolina I51644
59 McBride, Margaret  30 Sep 1846Guilford Co, North Carolina I73403
60 McLean, Eleanor  1750Guilford Co, North Carolina I51736
61 Mitchell, Robert  Nov 1776Guilford Co, North Carolina I52542
62 Moser, Anna Philipena  12 Jan 1780Guilford Co, North Carolina I80879
63 Nall, Sarah Catherine  25 Oct 1930Guilford Co, North Carolina I80685
64 Ozment, Richard  May 1817Guilford Co, North Carolina I99376
65 Ozment, Samuel  9 Apr 1819Guilford Co, North Carolina I99378
66 Paisley, John  10 Oct 1811Guilford Co, North Carolina I78634
67 Paisley, William (immigrant)  10 Mar 1787Guilford Co, North Carolina I51735
68 Price, Jean  1800Guilford Co, North Carolina I78793
69 Rashfield, Rachel  1809Guilford Co, North Carolina I99377
70 Safran, Stephen  2 Jan 1982Guilford Co, North Carolina I51587
71 Scott, Martha M.  31 Oct 1876Guilford Co, North Carolina I49974
72 Sharp, Cornelia Jane  23 Jun 1921Guilford Co, North Carolina I69018
73 Sharp, John  1876Guilford Co, North Carolina I69028
74 Shaw, Prudence (immigrant)  28 Feb 1821Guilford Co, North Carolina I71452
75 Stewart, Euphanie  1850Guilford Co, North Carolina I71444
76 Stewart, Finley (immigrant)  13 Feb 1809Guilford Co, North Carolina I71451
77 Stewart, John  11 Jun 1825Guilford Co, North Carolina I71453
78 Stewart, Robert  18 Aug 1833Guilford Co, North Carolina I73402
79 Stone, Burgess  Abt 1839Guilford Co, North Carolina I54988
80 Strader, Ann Margaret (immigrant)  17 Jan 1785Guilford Co, North Carolina I80877
81 Stuart, Ann  Abt 1835Guilford Co, North Carolina I51686
82 Tate, Captain James  15 Mar 1781Guilford Co, North Carolina I81120
83 Thompson, Miss (..)  Bef 1840Guilford Co, North Carolina I99302
84 Weatherly, Mrs. (wife of Henry Sr.)  Bef 1820Guilford Co, North Carolina I99461
85 Weatherly, Edward Sr.  Aft 12 Sep 1810Guilford Co, North Carolina I78794
86 Weatherly, Martin Bruce Jr.  1886Guilford Co, North Carolina I99370
87 Weatherly, Mary "Pollly"  4 Apr 1822Guilford Co, North Carolina I99307
88 Weatherly, Mrs. Mary (..)  Bef 1818Guilford Co, North Carolina I99482
89 Weatherly, William (son of who?)  Feb 1824Guilford Co, North Carolina I78796
90 Weatherly, William M.  20 May 1840Guilford Co, North Carolina I60689
91 Wharton, Rhoda  1806Guilford Co, North Carolina I99496


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Lovelady, Thomas*  1772Guilford Co, North Carolina I1064


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Chilcutt (Shilcutt), Harrietta  1820Guilford Co, North Carolina I99292
2 Cole, Dejoina P. "Joeney"  1850Guilford Co, North Carolina I49962
3 Doak, John Jr.  1790Guilford Co, North Carolina I52962
4 Doak, Mary Nancy (not proven as wife)  1820Guilford Co, North Carolina I352
5 Doak, Nancy W.  1850Guilford Co, North Carolina I51598
6 Doak, Robert  1790Guilford Co, North Carolina I51668
7 Doak, William  1790Guilford Co, North Carolina I49968
8 Garrett, Edward Thompson  1860Guilford Co, North Carolina I51609
9 Garrett, Francis A.  1840Guilford Co, North Carolina I51605
10 Hanna, Robert Sr.  1790Guilford Co, North Carolina I50284
11 Kirkman, Roddy D.  1850Guilford Co, North Carolina I71273
12 Weatherly, Edward Sr.  1800Guilford Co, North Carolina I78794
13 Weatherly, Edward Sr.  1810Guilford Co, North Carolina I78794
14 Weatherly, Henry Sr.  1820Guilford Co, North Carolina I99465
15 Weatherly, Henry Jr.  1830Guilford Co, North Carolina I99317
16 Weatherly, Isaiah Jr.  1830Guilford Co, North Carolina I99283
17 Weatherly, Isaiah Jr.  1840Guilford Co, North Carolina I99283
18 Weatherly, Jesse  1820Guilford Co, North Carolina I99485
19 Weatherly, Martin Bruce Sr.  1840Guilford Co, North Carolina I99301
20 Weatherly, William (son of who?)  1790Guilford Co, North Carolina I78796


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Lovelady, Thomas Rev War  1833Guilford Co, North Carolina I12949


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Doak, Sheriff James Wilson (Sheriff) II  Between 1825 and 1846Guilford Co, North Carolina I49959


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Other-Begin    Person ID 
1 Doak, Sheriff James Wilson (Sheriff) II  14 Oct 1824Guilford Co, North Carolina I49959
2 Doak, Sheriff James Wilson (Sheriff) II  Between 1838 and 1844Guilford Co, North Carolina I49959
3 Doak, Capt John  5 Sep 1807Guilford Co, North Carolina I51702
4 Doak, Jonathan  5 Sep 1807Guilford Co, North Carolina I51730
5 Doak, Josiah Stuart  5 Sep 1807Guilford Co, North Carolina I51723
6 Doak, Martha  5 Sep 1807Guilford Co, North Carolina I51724
7 Doak, Mary  5 Sep 1807Guilford Co, North Carolina I51711
8 Doak, Robert  5 Sep 1807Guilford Co, North Carolina I51703
9 Doak, Roddy  5 Sep 1807Guilford Co, North Carolina I51721
10 Doak, Trader William (of Doaks Stand)  5 Sep 1807Guilford Co, North Carolina I49955
11 Hanna, Bill  5 Sep 1807Guilford Co, North Carolina I52972
12 Hanna, Robert Sr.  5 Sep 1807Guilford Co, North Carolina I50284
13 Hanna, Roderick "Roddy" Sr.  5 Sep 1807Guilford Co, North Carolina I49995
14 Hanna, Roderick "Roddy" Sr.  6 Dec 1809Guilford Co, North Carolina I49995
15 McClintock (or Clintock), William  4 Jan 1799Guilford Co, North Carolina I99300
16 Stuart, Ann  5 Sep 1807Guilford Co, North Carolina I51686
17 Weatherly, Henry Sr.  1818Guilford Co, North Carolina I99465
18 Weatherly, Isaac J.  1818Guilford Co, North Carolina I99316
19 Weatherly, Mark (eldest)  10 Dec 1791Guilford Co, North Carolina I99297
20 Weatherly, Mrs. Nancy (..)  1818Guilford Co, North Carolina I99282
21 Weatherly, Zebediah  26 Jan 1799Guilford Co, North Carolina I50321


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Property    Person ID 
1 Doak, Robert  1795Guilford Co, North Carolina I51668
2 Kirkman, Alvah W.  20 Mar 1858Guilford Co, North Carolina I99351
3 Kirkman, Leven  20 Mar 1858Guilford Co, North Carolina I99339
4 Weatherly, Isaac J.  1858Guilford Co, North Carolina I99316
5 Weatherly, Isaac J.  1858Guilford Co, North Carolina I99316
6 Weatherly, Isaac J.  1858Guilford Co, North Carolina I99316
7 Weatherly, Isaac J.  1858Guilford Co, North Carolina I99316

Research Notes

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Research Notes    Person ID 
1 Weatherly, Jesse  Guilford Co, North Carolina I99485


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Doak, Captain James Wilson Sr.  Abt 1775Guilford Co, North Carolina I49951
2 Hollingsworth, Samuel  Abt 1780Guilford Co, North Carolina I57490
3 Woods, William II  Abt 1772Guilford Co, North Carolina I53991


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Doak, Robert  Nov 1796Guilford Co, North Carolina I51668
2 Doak, William  5 Sep 1807Guilford Co, North Carolina I49968
3 Hanna, Robert Sr.  14 Jul 1818Guilford Co, North Carolina I50284
4 Kirkman, Leven  7 Jan 1858Guilford Co, North Carolina I99339
5 Weatherly, Edward Sr.  12 Sep 1810Guilford Co, North Carolina I78794
6 Weatherly, Isaac J.  1858Guilford Co, North Carolina I99316
7 Weatherly, Isaiah Sr.  1818Guilford Co, North Carolina I78795


Matches 1 to 72 of 72

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Armfield / Gossett  Nov 1862Guilford Co, North Carolina F33366
2 Aydelott / Doak  Abt 1806Guilford Co, North Carolina F17290
3 Bain / Doak  28 Nov 1846Guilford Co, North Carolina F16953
4 Beeson / Doak  1 Sep 1847Guilford Co, North Carolina F23065
5 Beeson / Pennington  1781Guilford Co, North Carolina F27616
6 Blair / Doak  28 Jun 1800Guilford Co, North Carolina F16547
7 Buck / Watson  Bef 1900Guilford Co, North Carolina F16972
8 Caldwell / Doak  1 Aug 1849Guilford Co, North Carolina F16958
9 Chilcutt (Shilcutt) / Weatherly  25 Nov 1833Guilford Co, North Carolina F33441
10 Clapp / Clapp  16 Nov 1814Guilford Co, North Carolina F26394
11 Clapp / Faust  16 May 1799Guilford Co, North Carolina F26396
12 Coppedge / Doak  1 Aug 1849Guilford Co, North Carolina F16952
13 Doak / Cole  28 Oct 1828Guilford Co, North Carolina F16463
14 Doak / Doak  Abt 1770Guilford Co, North Carolina F17395
15 Doak / Estes  Abt 1888Guilford Co, North Carolina F16965
16 Doak / Foster  10 Jul 1793Guilford Co, North Carolina F16988
17 Doak / Gillespie  15 Oct 1802Guilford Co, North Carolina F16976
18 Doak / McMurray  16 Oct 1802Guilford Co, North Carolina F16967
19 Doak / Ogburn  14 Jul 1818Guilford Co, North Carolina F16462
20 Doak / Paisley  7 Feb 1775Guilford Co, North Carolina F16461
21 Doak / Watson  18 Jun 1878Guilford Co, North Carolina F16464
22 Donnell / Bell  1773Guilford Co, North Carolina F25637
23 Donnell / Bell  Abt 1783Guilford Co, North Carolina F25634
24 Donnell / Brown  1770Guilford Co, North Carolina F33414
25 Donnell / Foster  1782Guilford Co, North Carolina F25648
26 Donnell / Gorrell  16 Oct 1816Guilford Co, North Carolina F23124
27 Donnell / Kerr  6 Aug 1784Guilford Co, North Carolina F33401
28 Fulton / Weatherly  15 Apr 1796Guilford Co, North Carolina F33351
29 Garrett / Doak  24 Dec 1851Guilford Co, North Carolina F16954
30 Garrett / Doak  5 May 1852Guilford Co, North Carolina F16957
31 Gillespie / Gorrell  Abt 1823Guilford Co, North Carolina F23130
32 Gillespie / Hanner  31 Jul 1778Guilford Co, North Carolina F16978
33 Gorrell / Black  24 Oct 1791Guilford Co, North Carolina F23121
34 Gorrell / Doak  17 Jan 1790Guilford Co, North Carolina F23119
35 Gorrell / Doak  12 Dec 1793Guilford Co, North Carolina F16979
36 Gorrell / Gillespie  27 Jan 1848Guilford Co, North Carolina F23129
37 Gorrell / Stewart  12 Jun 1802Guilford Co, North Carolina F23131
38 Hanna / Doak  Abt 1774Guilford Co, North Carolina F17346
39 Hanna / Erwin  1 Feb 1773Guilford Co, North Carolina F17350
40 Houston / Stewart  1835Guilford Co, North Carolina F23134
41 Ingle / Clapp  1751Guilford Co, North Carolina F26428
42 Kirkman / Doak  8 Nov 1838Guilford Co, North Carolina F23068
43 Kirkman / Kirkman  Abt 1839Guilford Co, North Carolina F33370
44 Kirkman / Safewright  22 Sep 1892Guilford Co, North Carolina F33369
45 Lindsay / Doak  Abt 7 Jun 1837Guilford Co, North Carolina F16951
46 Linville / King  26 Dec 1826Guilford Co, North Carolina F33894
47 Lovett / Weatherly  1805Guilford Co, North Carolina F33391
48 Lyon / Doak  Abt 1890Guilford Co, North Carolina F16966
49 Maxwell / Gorrell  1 Feb 1802Guilford Co, North Carolina F23122
50 McClintock (or Clintock) / Weatherly  16 Jul 1793Guilford Co, North Carolina F33352
51 Moore / Dent  1790Guilford Co, North Carolina F23128
52 Paisley / Denny  8 Oct 1769Guilford Co, North Carolina F25551
53 Shoffner / Foust  11 Oct 1861Guilford Co, North Carolina F26422
54 Shoffner / Wharton  28 Apr 1870Guilford Co, North Carolina F26362
55 Stafford / Weatherly  Bef 12 Sep 1806Guilford Co, North Carolina F33380
56 Stewart / Gorrell  12 Aug 1803Guilford Co, North Carolina F23133
57 Vickery / Weatherly  12 Dec 1826Guilford Co, North Carolina F16575
58 Weatherly / Alexander  12 Aug 1786Guilford Co, North Carolina F33435
59 Weatherly / Coe  9 Aug 1793Guilford Co, North Carolina F33442
60 Weatherly / Coe  1811Guilford Co, North Carolina F33357
61 Weatherly / Denney  25 May 1844Guilford Co, North Carolina F33354
62 Weatherly / Eubank  28 Sep 1819Guilford Co, North Carolina F33382
63 Weatherly / Fields  16 Aug 1810Guilford Co, North Carolina F33007
64 Weatherly / Fulton  30 May 1790Guilford Co, North Carolina F33018
65 Weatherly / Goff  7 Jan 1799Guilford Co, North Carolina F16572
66 Weatherly / King  10 Aug 1821Guilford Co, North Carolina F33381
67 Weatherly / Millis (or Milles)  2 Sep 1794Guilford Co, North Carolina F33335
68 Weatherly / Ozment  26 Jan 1799Guilford Co, North Carolina F33383
69 Weatherly / Ozment (or Ozmond)  27 Nov 1799Guilford Co, North Carolina F33386
70 Weatherly / Prichard  6 Dec 1809Guilford Co, North Carolina F33347
71 Weatherly / Stafford  4 Jan 1799Guilford Co, North Carolina F33350
72 West / Garrett  Abt 1879Guilford Co, North Carolina F16955


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Garrett / Doak  Bef 1870Guilford Co, North Carolina F16957