Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Winter, Hannah  10 Apr 1655Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I92257
2 Wellington, Mehetabel  26 Feb 1687Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I29541
3 Waters, Stephen  24 Jan 1643Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I2556
4 Waters, Sarah*  7 Dec 1636Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I2501
5 Waters, Sarah  7 Dec 1636Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I15294
6 Waters, Rebecca  Feb 1640Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I2554
7 Waters, Mary  27 Jan 1638Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I2553
8 Waters, Laurence Jr  14 Feb 1634Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I2552
9 Waters, Daniel  6 Feb 1642Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I2555
10 Stebbins, Danel  1645Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I27693
11 Stearns, Sarah  22 Sep 1635Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I55094
12 Sherman, William  28 Jun 1692Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I29540
13 Sherman, Samuel  28 Nov 1682Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I89047
14 Sherman, Joseph  14 May 1650Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I29544
15 Sherman, Jonathan  24 Feb 1684Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I89045
16 Sherman, John  11 Jan 1674Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I29574
17 Sherman, Rev James  1651Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I29326
18 Sherman, Elizabeth  15 Jul 1687Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I69268
19 Sherman, Edward  2 Sep 1677Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I89043
20 Parkhurst, Joshua  Bef 7 Mar 1653Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I2701
21 Parkhurst, John  26 Feb 1671Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I93318
22 Parkhurst, John  10 Jun 1644Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I87867
23 Parkhurst, George B.  17 Jan 1685Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I87869
24 Parkhurst, Daniel  Bef 10 Jun 1649Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I2699
25 Parkhurst, Caleb  Bef 26 Feb 1654Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I2702
26 Parkhurst, Benjamin  Abt 1647Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I2697
27 Parkhurst, "Child"  Abt 1645Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I2690
28 Paine (Payne), Abish  1682Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I89048
29 Morse, Rebecca  16 Nov 1706Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I2455
30 Morse, Abigail  6 Aug 1677Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I93319
31 Kimball, Sarah  10 Apr 1754Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I29579
32 Harrington, John  3 Oct 1684Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I92254
33 Harrington, John  24 Aug 1651Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I92256
34 George, Susanna  4 Dec 1631Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I92251
35 Garfield, Abigail  29 Jun 1646Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I87868
36 Fullam, Tabitha  22 Apr 1696Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I87870
37 Cutler, Thomas  1648Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I60041
38 Cutler, John  1629Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I69348
39 Cutler, James  6 Nov 1635Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I69322
40 Arnold, Thomas Jr.  3 May 1645Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I6898
41 Arnold, Capt. Richard  22 Mar 1643Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I2592
42 Arnold, John  19 Feb 1648Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I2665
43 Arnold, Ichabod  May 1641Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I2664
44 Arnold, Elizabeth*  1654Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I2605
45 Arnold, Eleazer  17 Jun 1651Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I2666


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Waters, Stephen  24 Jan 1643Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I2556
2 Waters, Daniel  6 Feb 1642Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I2555


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Whipple, Mary (immigrant)  2 Jun 1720Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I69507
2 Taintor, Joseph (immigrant)  20 Feb 1689Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I97776
3 Sherman, Edward  4 Dec 1766Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I89043
4 Parkhurst, John  12 Sep 1725Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I87867
5 Parkhurst, George* Sr. (immigrant), (FFDNA-JS)  18 Jun 1675Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I2624
6 Parkhurst, George III  16 Mar 1698Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I2645
7 Palmer, Martha  07 Feb 1700Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I29218
8 Leete, Phebe* (immigrant) (FFDNA-JS)  1643Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I2625
9 Harrington, Robert (immigrant)  17 May 1707Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I92250
10 Harrington, James John (immigrant)  1630Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I92245
11 George, Susanna  6 Jul 1694Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I92251
12 Garfield, Abigail  18 Oct 1726Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I87868
13 Arnold, Ichabod  Abt 1642Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I2664


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Parkhurst, Joshua  7 Mar 1653Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I2701
2 Parkhurst, Daniel  10 Jun 1649Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I2699
3 Parkhurst, Caleb  26 Feb 1654Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I2702


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID 
1 Parkhurst, Joshua  Aft 1655Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I2701
2 Parkhurst, Daniel  Aft 1655Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I2699
3 Parkhurst, Caleb  Aft 1655Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I2702
4 Parkhurst, "Child"  Aft 1655Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I2690


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Comstock, William* Wethersfield (immigrant)  1635Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I2614


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Stone / Whipple  Abt 1655Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F22464
2 Sherman / Winship  18 Nov 1673Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F10335
3 Sherman / Wellington  13 Sep 1715Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F10333
4 Sherman / Cutler  12 Apr 1705Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F29619
5 Parkhurst / Veazey  24 Sep 1650Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F1278
6 Parkhurst / Simson  Abt 1644Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F1249
7 Parkhurst / Parkhurst  15 Jul 1638Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F1274
8 Parkhurst / Morse  1694Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F31402
9 Parkhurst / Garfield  1670Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F29089
10 Harrington / George  1 Oct 1648Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F30990
11 Freeman / Sherman  27 Nov 1656Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F10099
12 Farnum / Arnold  7 Apr 1654Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F1286
13 Cutler / Dewey  31 Jul 1673Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F19679
14 Carter / Parkhurst  Abt 1634Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F1271