Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts



George Aldrich Cemetery #16
George Aldrich Cemetery #16
Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts

George Aldrich, one of the original proprietors of Mendon in 1663, founder of the Aldrich Family in America, died 1682 and buried here. Also buried here:
Jacob Aldrich 1652-1695
Seth Aldrich 1679-1737
Samuel Aldrich 1712-1814
Lyman Aldrich 1768-1842, buried Quaker Cemetery, Northbridge
Sylvanus Bucklin Aldrich 1810-1881, Buried Upton
Edward Irving Aldrich 1851-1924, Buried Upton
This burying ground restored in 1955 by Richard Stoddard Aldrick eighth in direct descent from George Aldrich.
George Aldrich Cemetery #16
George Aldrich Cemetery #16
Uxbridge, Worcester County, Massachusetts

George Aldrich, Jacob Aldrich, Seth Aldrich


Matches 1 to 68 of 68

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Aldrich, Abigail  1720Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I30701
2 Aldrich, Allen Porter  24 Oct 1830Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69175
3 Aldrich, Baylies Williams  5 Dec 1849Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69187
4 Aldrich, Benjamin  1 May 1733Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69882
5 Aldrich, David  21 Jul 1757Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I106302
6 Aldrich, Deziah  2 Dec 1728Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I1957
7 Aldrich, Dinah  3 Apr 1717Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I70794
8 Aldrich, Dorcas  30 Jul 1767Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I105962
9 Aldrich, Elizabeth  1728Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69881
10 Aldrich, Issac  20 Nov 1722Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I1955
11 Aldrich, Jacob  23 Aug 1792Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69166
12 Aldrich, John  21 Oct 1720Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I1954
13 Aldrich, Joseph  29 Sep 1718Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I1953
14 Aldrich, Mary  17 Feb 1736Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69880
15 Aldrich, Mary  7 Jul 1748Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69836
16 Aldrich, Mary  2 Jun 1816Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69171
17 Aldrich, Samuel  20 Sep 1724Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I1956
18 Aldrich, Sarah  26 Apr 1736Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69883
19 Aldrich, Sarah D.  8 Nov 1819Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69172
20 Aldrich, Seth  26 Apr 1736Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69884
21 Aldrich, Seth  6 Dec 1738Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69167
22 Aldrich, Solomon  28 Mar 1730Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I1959
23 Aldrich, Stephen  29 Nov 1726Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I1943
24 Aldrich, Susannah  15 Jan 1715Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I70792
25 Aldrich, Susannah  29 Nov 1743Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I93566
26 Arnold, Benedict  27 Jun 1752Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69680
27 Arnold, Lucy  5 Nov 1748Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I27540
28 Bacon, Zipporah  21 Jan 1752Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69210
29 Bartlett, Joanna  18 Mar 1713Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69877
30 Baylies, Nancy  20 Apr 1782Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69190
31 Brown, Mary  30 Mar 1784Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I106303
32 Chapin, Hannah  17 Jul 1759Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69202
33 Chapin, Mary "Polly"  1 Mar 1774Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69236
34 Comstock, David  4 Aug 1769Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I27543
35 Comstock, Jerusha  Abt 1770Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I27541
36 Comstock, Martha  Abt 1773Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I27551
37 Comstock, Nathan  24 Dec 1776Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I27548
38 Comstock, Patience  2 Sep 1774Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I27546
39 Comstock, Silas  28 Nov 1771Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I27544
40 Cook, Susannah  1755Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I91660
41 Crary, Mary  01 Jun 1740Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I29783
42 Ellison, Adolphus S.  12 Nov 1812Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69183
43 Ellison, Henry Martin  15 Nov 1861Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69184
44 Ellison, Mary Angenett  5 Aug 1850Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69186
45 Johnson, Elizabeth "Betsey"  12 Apr 1738Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69201
46 Murdock, Elisha  25 Nov 1755Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69203
47 Murdock, Hezekiah  30 Jun 1776Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69211
48 Murdock, Jesse  13 Sep 1762Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69215
49 Murdock, John Jr.  14 Nov 1753Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69214
50 Murdock, Mary  15 Jun 1764Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69204
51 Murdock, Samuel  7 Mar 1752Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69209
52 Read (or Reed), Samuel  3 Nov 1669Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I89214
53 Southwick, Lawrence  11 Jan 1731Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69689
54 Southwick, Sarah  27 Apr 1754Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69687
55 Taft, Aaron  12 Apr 1727Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69683
56 Taft, Capt. Calvin Clark  17 Nov 1765Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69216
57 Thayer, Amos  19 Aug 1757Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69227
58 Thayer, Asa  4 Oct 1761Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69217
59 Thayer, Loes  15 Feb 1764Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69231
60 Thayer, Mary  18 Feb 1766Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69232
61 Thayer, Samuel  30 Apr 1784Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69222
62 Thayer, Stephen T.  7 Feb 1783Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69233
63 Williams, Abigail  5 Jan 1823Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69188
64 Williams, Betsey  8 Nov 1810Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69191
65 Williams, Stephen  8 Sep 1779Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69189
66 Williams, Stephen  11 Sep 1817Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69192
67 Winter, Hannah  23 May 1751Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I106289
68 Wood, Martha  12 Jan 1729Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69213


Matches 1 to 54 of 54

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Aldrich, Abel  Abt 1781Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2284
2 Aldrich, Edwin  18 Oct 1888Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69173
3 Aldrich, Jacob  19 Apr 1868Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69166
4 Aldrich, Mary (..)  Aft 1730Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I30700
5 Aldrich, Ruth  1760Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I1952
6 Aldrich, Sarah D.  7 Nov 1901Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69172
7 Aldrich, Seth Sr.  15 Oct 1737Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2245
8 Aldrich, Seth  26 Dec 1817Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69167
9 Aldrich, Susannah  3 Apr 1790Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I93566
10 Aldrich, Valentine M.  29 Jun 1894Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69170
11 Arnold, Elisha  23 Jun 1826Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69682
12 Arnold, Mary  11 Apr 1842Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69679
13 Arnold, Mercy  22 Jan 1806Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69673
14 Bacon, Zipporah  21 Jan 1804Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69210
15 Ballou, Ariadne Josephine  19 Aug 1914Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69149
16 Bartlett, Joanna  1768Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69877
17 Baylies, Nancy  6 Aug 1843Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69190
18 Blanchard, Bradford Johnson  26 Apr 1924Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69155
19 Blanchard, Charles Edward  25 Feb 1942Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69151
20 Blanchard, Douglass Farnum  31 Mar 1881Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69157
21 Blanchard, Joseph  4 Sep 1875Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69177
22 Blanchard, Martha  2 Feb 1891Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69182
23 Blanchard, Mary  16 Jun 1816Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69165
24 Brown, Mary  10 May 1843Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I106303
25 Chapin, Deborah  9 Apr 1702Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I89213
26 Chapin, Gershom  23 Aug 1801Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69197
27 Chapin, Hannah  22 Nov 1832Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69202
28 Cook, Susannah  3 Apr 1804Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I91660
29 Daniels, Mehitable "Hetty"  24 Feb 1833Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69169
30 Ellison, Adolphus S.  16 Jan 1892Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69183
31 Fuller, Bethiah  3 Jar 1804Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69206
32 Hayward, Deborah  Bef 1715Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2255
33 Hunt, Julia Angelina  20 Aug 1855Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69185
34 Johnson, Elizabeth "Betsey"  11 Sep 1761Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69201
35 Murdock, Elisha  7 Dec 1843Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69203
36 Murdock, John Jr.  20 Mar 1799Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69214
37 Murdock, John  2 Jul 1806Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69205
38 Murdock, Mary  12 Feb 1847Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69204
39 Murdock, Samuel  20 Mar 1799Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69209
40 Seamans, Phebe Hammond  7 May 1855Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69158
41 Sherman, Mary  15 Dec 1819Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69237
42 Southwick, Lawrence  1795Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I30655
43 Southwick, Sarah  14 Feb 1836Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69687
44 Taft, Aaron  5 Nov 1805Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69683
45 Taft, Capt. Calvin Clark  12 Feb 1816Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69216
46 Thayer, Amos  11 Jul 1838Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69227
47 Thayer, Asa  9 Apr 1828Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69217
48 Thayer, Mary  12 Apr 1818Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69232
49 Thayer, Thankful  10 Dec 1798Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I29020
50 Williams, Abigail  13 Dec 1849Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69188
51 Williams, Betsey  29 Dec 1898Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69191
52 Williams, Stephen  6 Apr 1861Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69189
53 Williams, Stephen  15 Aug 1903Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69192
54 Winter, Christopher  1760Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I1983


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Other-Begin    Person ID 
1 Aldrich, Edward  1737Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2219
2 Aldrich, Mary (..)  1737Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I30700


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Aldrich, Seth Sr.  26 Sep 1737Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2245


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Aldrich / Bartlett  3 Jul 1731Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F22581
2 Aldrich / Brown  26 Jan 1761Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F935
3 Aldrich / Brown  26 Feb 1768Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F22582
4 Aldrich / Brown  30 Mar 1784Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F35966
5 Aldrich / Comstock  08 Feb 1746Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F9737
6 Aldrich / Daniels  Dec 1818Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F22346
7 Aldrich / Hill  17 Dec 1716Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F22594
8 Aldrich / Williams  Abt 1843Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F22351
9 Aldrich / Williams  Abt 1850Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F22353
10 Arnold / Southwick  4 Nov 1744Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F22513
11 Chapin / Johnson  Abt 1758Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F22359
12 Ellison / Blanchard  Abt 1839Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F22348
13 Handy / Comstock  Aft 10 Oct 1794Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F9652
14 Murdock / Bacon  22 Apr 1773Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F22363
15 Murdock / Chapin  Abt 1780Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F22360
16 Murdock / Fuller  Abt 1750Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F22361
17 Preston / Aldrich  30 Oct 1765Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F31489
18 Southwick / Brown  Jan 1753Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F22515
19 Southwick / Southwick  Abt 1730Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F22514
20 Taft / Arnold  Aft 28 Oct 1749Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F22509
21 Taft / Murdock  1 Jun 1786Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F22365
22 Thayer / Farnum  Abt 1745Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F22367
23 Thayer / Murdock  Abt 1781Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F22366
24 Williams / Aldrich  Abt 1803Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F22354
25 Williams / Baylies  Abt 1803Uxbridge, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F22352