Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts


Latitude: 42.1014831, Longitude: -72.589811


Chapin, Samuel - 'The Pilgrim'
Chapin, Samuel - "The Pilgrim"
Monument to Deacon Samuel Chapin, Founder of Springfield, Massachusetts.
Kelly Drive at Lemon Hill Drive, Philadelphia (relocated 1920)
Bronze, on fieldstone base
Height 9'1" (base 1'7")
Gift of the New England Society of Pennsylvania
Owned by the City of Philadelphia

"Museum Without Walls": Audio: The Pilgrim by artist Augustus Saint-Gaudens, from Fairmount Park Art Association

Augustus Saint-Gaudens was one of the most influential and successful artists of the late nineteenth century. His James A. Garfield Monument was installed along East River (now Kelly) Drive in 1895. The Puritan, the first version of The Pilgrim, was commissioned by Chester W. Chapin as a monument to one of the founders of Springfield, Massachusetts—Deacon Samuel Chapin (1595–1675). The New England Society of Pennsylvanians asked Gaudens to make a replica of The Puritan for the city of Philadelphia. For the later commission Gaudens made some changes in the figure's dress and adjusted the facial characteristics to represent a New England type: "For the head in the original statue, I used as a model the head of Mr. Chapin himself, assuming that there would be some family resemblance with the Deacon, who was his direct ancestor. But Mr. Chapin's face is round and Gaelic in character, so in the Philadelphia work, I changed the features completely, giving them the long, New England type, besides altering the folds of the cloak in many respects, the legs, the left hand, and the Bible." The Pilgrim was originally placed on the South Plaza of City Hall but was relocated to its present site in 1920.

Adapted from Public Art in Philadelphia by Penny Balkin Bach (Temple University Press, Philadelphia, 1992).

Chapin, Samuel - 'The Puritan'
Chapin, Samuel - "The Puritan"
One of the Founders of Springfield, Massachusetts

1595 Anno Domini Deacon Samuel Chapin
Located at the Quadrangle in Springfield, Massachusetts, the statue of The Puritan memorializes Deacon Samuel Chapin, one of Springfield's earliest settlers.


Indian Attack, Abel Wright's family
Indian Attack, Abel Wright's family
Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ashley, Mary  6 Feb 1644Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I96677
2 Ball, Abigail  18 Jul 1682Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I30170
3 Ball, Elizabeth  14 Jan 1677Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I30171
4 Ball, Francis  04 Apr 1675Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I30732
5 Ball, Mary  12 Jun 1673Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I12518
6 Ball, Samuel  16 Mar 1647Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I12633
7 Bancroft, Anna  1658Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I43530
8 Bancroft, Anna  1663Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I43532
9 Bancroft, Julia  1666Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I43534
10 Bancroft, Lydia  1655Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I43528
11 Bancroft, Lydia  1665Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I43533
12 Bancroft, Margaret  1656Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I43529
13 Bancroft, Samuel  1667Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I43535
14 Bancroft, Thomas  1659Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I43531
15 Barber, Mary  13 Feb 1677Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I43888
16 Barber, Returne  29 May 1672Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I43886
17 Barber, Thomas  14 Feb 1674Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I43887
18 Bartlett, Mercy  22 Nov 1705Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I29935
19 Bartlett, Moses  09 Feb 1712Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I30710
20 Bliss, (8 other children)  Between 1699-1722Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I29855
21 Bliss, Abel  18 Feb 1708Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I29853
22 Bliss, Bathsheba  15 Feb 1722Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I12391
23 Bliss, Ebenezer  7 Dec 1725Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I96679
24 Bliss, Edward  27 Jun 1719Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I12367
25 Bliss, Hannah  26 May 1665Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I5267
26 Bliss, Hannah  16 Nov 1678Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I3863
27 Bliss, Hannah  Aug 1687Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I12376
28 Bliss, Ichabod  19 Dec 1705Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I12557
29 Bliss, John  4 Nov 1690Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I12377
30 Bliss, Margaret  12 Nov 1649Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I29877
31 Bliss, Nathaniel  27 Mar 1654Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I5311
32 Bliss, Nathaniel  26 Jan 1671Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I3870
33 Bliss, Nathaniel  8 Sep 1678Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I12371
34 Bliss, Samuel  7 Nov 1647Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I3207
35 Bliss, Samuel  8 Jun 1660Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I43800
36 Bliss, Samuel  16 Aug 1662Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I43801
37 Bliss, Samuel  25 Apr 1694Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I12378
38 Bliss, Sarah  11 May 1657Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I43798
39 Bliss, Sarah  4 Apr 1658Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I43799
40 Bliss, Sarah  27 Nov 1667Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I43803
41 Bliss, Thomas  8 Feb 1668Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I12359
42 Bliss, Timothy  02 Mar 1712Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I2902
43 Brooks, Abigail  25 Jan 1665Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I12279
44 Brooks, Deliverance  28 Feb 1673Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I12587
45 Brooks, Sarah  Abt 1660Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I43784
46 Burt, (infant)  1665Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I30066
47 Burt, Bethiah  Abt 1721Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I12605
48 Burt, Elizabeth  29 Dec 1652Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I12615
49 Burt, Henry  11 Dec 1663Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I12606
50 Burt, John  24 Aug 1658Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I30064
51 Burt, John  19 Sep 1699Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I12594
52 Burt, Jonathan  12 Sep 1654Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I30065
53 Burt, Mary  2 Jun 1730Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I12596
54 Burt, Mercy  27 Jul 1647Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I5485
55 Burt, Patience  18 Aug 1645Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I12370
56 Burt, Phebe  04 Aug 1728Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I29986
57 Burt, Sarah Ruth  4 Sep 1656Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I12521
58 Caldwell, Hannah  Abt 1675Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I12360
59 Chapin, Deacon Aaron  20 Apr 1753Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I56497
60 Chapin, Abigail  26 May 1724Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I28824
61 Chapin, Abilene  27 Apr 1694Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I88104
62 Chapin, Benjamin  02 Feb 1682Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I30111
63 Chapin, Bethia  19 Feb 1672Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I30119
64 Chapin, Chester W.  16 Feb 1842Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I47877
65 Chapin, David  1682Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I3034
66 Chapin, Ebenezer  26 Jun 1676Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I30069
67 Chapin, Ephraim  29 Oct 1729Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I47871
68 Chapin, Hannah  2 Dec 1644Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I4860
69 Chapin, Henry  01 Jan 1666Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I30117
70 Chapin, Henry  19 Mar 1679Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I30120
71 Chapin, Henry  7 Jun 1721Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I47884
72 Chapin, Mary*  Abt 1676Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I3451
73 Chapin, Noah  23 Oct 1707Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I30071
74 Chapin, Sarah  03 Mar 1670Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I30118
75 Chapin, Stephen  29 May 1718Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I47882
76 Charles, Elizabeth  3 Oct 1711Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I12497
77 Colton, Abigail  4 Jan 1684Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I106204
78 Colton, Benjamin  1 Feb 1722Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I90042
79 Colton, Eli  24 Jul 1750Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I90047
80 Colton, Elizabeth  5 Apr 1686Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I44024
81 Colton, John  9 May 1697Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I12351
82 Colton, Lois  09 Feb 1763Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I30101
83 Colton, Rebecca*  20 Jun 1681Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I2795
84 Colton, Walter  1773Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I88109
85 Cooley, Abel  12 Apr 1717Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I28828
86 Cooley, Abiah  11 Mar 1721Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I90043
87 Cooley, Abigail (twin)  29 Nov 1730Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I96678
88 Cooley, Azariah  21 Aug 1704Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I12501
89 Cooley, Benjamin  1 Sep 1656Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I5072
90 Cooley, Benjamin  28 Oct 1681Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I12494
91 Cooley, Benjamin  5 Nov 1701Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I12496
92 Cooley, Daniel  2 May 1651Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I5050
93 Cooley, Daniel  2 May 1651Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I88147
94 Cooley, Daniel  23 Mar 1684Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I29871
95 Cooley, David  21 Jun 1712Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I28825
96 Cooley, Deborah (twin)  29 Nov 1730Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I96680
97 Cooley, Ebenezer  5 Jul 1716Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I12511
98 Cooley, Eliakim  8 Jan 1649Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I4761
99 Cooley, Eliakim Jr.  19 Mar 1680Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I30195
100 Cooley, Hester  Abt 1720Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I12513

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Cooley, Sebrah  17 Dec 1752Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I30226
2 Parsons, Sarah (daughter?)  18 Aug 1656Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I30181


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 (Stratton?), Margaret*  24 Jul 1681Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I5451
2 Alford (or Alvord), Sarah  16 May 1704Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I30026
3 Ashley, Mary  9 Mar 1702Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I96677
4 Baldwin, Elizabeth  24 Apr 1687Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I12609
5 Ball, Francis (immigrant)  3 Oct 1648Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I12637
6 Ball, Francis  21 Jan 1701Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I30732
7 Ball, Mary  14 Oct 1760Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I12518
8 Bancroft, Lydia  1665Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I43528
9 Barber, John  27 Jan 1712Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I14976
10 Beckwith, Griswald  26 Nov 1754Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I30196
11 Bliss, Elizabeth  2 Oct 1683Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I12354
12 Bliss, Esther  21 Jan 1768Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I47886
13 Bliss, Hannah  Aft 26 Jul 1708Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I3863
14 Bliss, Ichabod  16 Aug 1766Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I12557
15 Bliss, Lawrence  8 Nov 1676Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I5460
16 Bliss, Mary (witch trials)  29 Jan 1712Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I29859
17 Bliss, Nathaniel  8 Nov 1654Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I12353
18 Bliss, Samuel  22 Jun 1660Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I43800
19 Bliss, Samuel  23 Mar 1720Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I12361
20 Bliss, Samuel  15 Mar 1733Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I43801
21 Bliss, Samuel  19 Jun 1749Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I3207
22 Bliss, Sarah  8 Jun 1657Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I43798
23 Bliss, Sarah  25 Sep 1659Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I43799
24 Brewster, Elizabeth  15 Feb 1817Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I28994
25 Bridgeman, Sarah  Aft 1725Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I30114
26 Brooks, Abigail  24 Nov 1746Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I12279
27 Burt, (infant)  1665Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I30066
28 Burt, Abigail  23 Nov 1707Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I3131
29 Burt, Henry  30 Apr 1662Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I12602
30 Burt, Henry  11 Dec 1748Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I12606
31 Burt, John  23 Feb 1704Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I12593
32 Burt, John  29 Jan 1712Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I30064
33 Burt, Jonathan  19 Jun 1707Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I30065
34 Burt, Jonathan  19 Oct 1715Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I12600
35 Burt, Mercy  24 Jul 1689Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I5485
36 Burt, Patience  25 Oct 1732Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I12370
37 Burt, Phebe  11 Aug 1803Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I29986
38 Burt, Sarah Ruth  9 Nov 1746Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I12521
39 Bush, Oliver  17 Sep 1791Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I30225
40 Chapin, Abigail  12 Jan 1786Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I28824
41 Chapin, Benjamin  27 Mar 1756Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I30111
42 Chapin, Catherine  04 Feb 1713Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I4938
43 Chapin, Hon. Chester William  10 Jun 1883Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I47875
44 Chapin, David  17 Jul 1772Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I3034
45 Chapin, Dorcas  14 Nov 1886Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I47876
46 Chapin, Deacon Edward I  6 Jan 1800Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I56490
47 Chapin, Hannah  21 May 1719Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I4860
48 Chapin, Henry  29 Apr 1667Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I30117
49 Chapin, Henry  15 Sep 1754Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I30120
50 Chapin, Henry*  15 Aug 1718Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I4673
51 Chapin, Japheth  20 Feb 1712Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I4871
52 Chapin, Jemima  09 Jan 1772Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I29854
53 Chapin, John  01 Jun 1759Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I30113
54 Chapin, Mary*  13 Jan 1708Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I3451
55 Chapin, Deacon Samuel* (immigrant) (J-FFDNA-5r)  11 Nov 1675Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I4630
56 Chapin, Sarah  5 Aug 1684Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I4926
57 Chapin, Sarah  06 Nov 1732Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I30118
58 Chapin, Sarah  23 Nov 1747Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I30109
59 Chapman, Martha** (immigrant)  17 Dec 1662Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I5713
60 Clark, Jemima  29 Oct 1732Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I29872
61 Clarke, John  1684Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I3355
62 Cogan (Coggin), Bathsheba  1688Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I14972
63 Cogan (Coggin), Mrs. Joane* (..) (immigrant)  Nov 1695Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I4118
64 Colton, Benjamin  6 May 1770Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I90038
65 Colton, Benjamin  6 May 1770Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I90040
66 Colton, Benjamin  20 Jun 1808Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I90042
67 Colton, Eunice  8 Apr 1806Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I56491
68 Colton, Hannah  03 Mar 1739Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I30112
69 Colton, John  3 Feb 1727Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I5344
70 Colton, Lois  29 Dec 1851Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I30101
71 Colton, Rebecca*  14 Jul 1747Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I2795
72 Cooley, Abelenah (Abilene)  17 Nov 1711Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I13951
73 Cooley, Abigail (twin)  6 Oct 1787Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I96678
74 Cooley, Benjamin  29 Nov 1731Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I5072
75 Cooley, Benjamin*  17 Aug 1684Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I4651
76 Cooley, Bethiah*  11 Dec 1711Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I4662
77 Cooley, Daniel  9 Feb 1726Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I5050
78 Cooley, Daniel  9 Feb 1727Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I88147
79 Cooley, Daniel  1773Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I29871
80 Cooley, Eliakim  01 Dec 1711Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I4761
81 Cooley, Eliakim Jr.  25 Feb 1758Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I30195
82 Cooley, Jacob  24 Sep 1807Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I28823
83 Cooley, John  1761Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I90044
84 Cooley, Moses  1783Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I28827
85 Cooley, Obadiah  03 Sep 1690Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I4772
86 Cooley, Obadiah  06 Oct 1764Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I28821
87 Cooley, Sarah  Sep 1751Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I106270
88 Cooley, Sarah  03 Mar 1795Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I29870
89 Cummings, Elizabeth  16 May 1699Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I43492
90 Day, Mary  29 Apr 1723Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I56495
91 Day, Mary  05 Nov 1796Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I30734
92 Dorchester, Anthony* Jr. (immigrant)  28 Aug 1683Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I5378
93 Dorchester, Benjamin  24 May 1675Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I30179
94 Dorchester, James  10 Nov 1732Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I30180
95 Dorchester, Mary  7 Jul 1712Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I5421
96 Dorchester, Sarah  16 Sep 1745Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I12515
97 Dorchester, Mrs. Sarah (..)  Bef 9 Nov 1649Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I43483
98 Dorchester, Sarah*  18 Aug 1746Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I2935
99 Ely, Samuel  19 Mar 1692Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I106651
100 Ferry, Lydia  21 Jul 1815Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I30222

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Dorchester, Mrs. Sarah (..)  9 Nov 1649Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I43483
2 Ketcheral, Samuel  9 Jun 1651Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I43482


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Warriner, Willard  17 Feb 1753Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I2728


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Sherman, Lothrop* Brockway  1840Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I3428
2 Sherman, Perley  1840Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I29050
3 Sherman, Perley  13 Aug 1850Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I29050


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID 
1 Dorchester, Anthony* Jr. (immigrant)  1649Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I5378
2 Wright, Deacon Samuel* Sr.  Abt 1636Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I5450


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Cogan (Coggin), Ruth  1675Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I14975


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Sherman, Dr./Capt/schoolteacher John  1711Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I29328


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Other-Begin    Person ID 
1 Bancroft, Thomas  23 Mar 1655Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I5466
2 Bliss, Hannah  26 Jul 1708Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I3863
3 Bliss, Lawrence  23 Mar 1655Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I5460
4 Bliss, Samuel  23 Mar 1655Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I12361
5 Burt, Henry  30 May 1649Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I12602
6 Burt, Nathaniel  23 Mar 1655Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I12610
7 Cooley, Obadiah  4 Feb 1672Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I4772
8 Dorchester, Anthony* Jr. (immigrant)  Between 1672 and 1676Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I5378
9 Dorchester, Anthony* Jr. (immigrant)  31 Dec 1678Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I5378
10 Dorchester, John  1683Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I43484
11 Ketcheral, Martha*  26 Jul 1708Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I3483
12 Lumbard, David  4 Feb 1672Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I43500
13 Lumbard, John  6 Feb 1647Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I43502
14 Lumbard, John  1650Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I43502
15 Lumbard, John  1661Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I43502
16 Miller, Lazarus*  2 Oct 1678Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I4028
17 Miller, Obadiah* Sr  Mar 1655Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I4130
18 Miller, Obadiah* Sr  23 Mar 1655Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I4130
19 Miller, Thomas  1655Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I43545
20 Miller, Thomas  Mar 1655Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I43545
21 Munn, Benjamin  3 Mar 1652Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I3417
22 Sikes, Richard (immigrant)  3 Mar 1952Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I12612
23 Taylor, Jonathan  1668Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I5518
24 Warriner, James  23 Mar 1655Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I12608
25 Wright, Lt. Abel* Sr. (immigrant)  23 Mar 1655Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I3493
26 Wright, Lt. Abel* Sr. (immigrant)  23 Feb 1662Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I3493
27 Wright, Lt. Abel* Sr. (immigrant)  Sep 1673Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I3493
28 Wright, Lt. Abel* Sr. (immigrant)  3 Dec 1678Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I3493
29 Wright, Lt. Abel* Sr. (immigrant)  26 Jul 1708Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I3493
30 Wright, Benjamin  26 Jul 1708Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I5473
31 Wright, Hannah  25 Jul 1708Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I43463
32 Wright, Henry Jr.  26 Jul 1708Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I43462
33 Wright, Deacon Samuel* Sr.  14 Nov 1639Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I5450
34 Wright, Deacon Samuel* Sr.  18 Jun 1640Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I5450
35 Wright, Deacon Samuel* Sr.  10 Sep 1640Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I5450
36 Wright, Deacon Samuel* Sr.  14 Apr 1648Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I5450
37 Wright, Deacon Samuel* Sr.  30 May 1649Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I5450
38 Wright, Deacon Samuel* Sr.  25 Jul 1653Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I5450
39 Wright, Deacon Samuel* Sr.  1 Nov 1653Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I5450
40 Wright, Deacon Samuel* Sr.  24 Mar 1654Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I5450
41 Wright, Deacon Samuel* Sr.  29 Mar 1659Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I5450
42 Wright, Deacon Samuel* Sr.  Jun 1660Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I5450


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Possessions    Person ID 
1 Colton, George*  1699Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I5463
2 Cooley, Benjamin*  1684Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I4651
3 Dorchester, Anthony* Jr. (immigrant)  1683Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I5378
4 Harmon, John  2 May 1685Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I5426
5 Ketcheral, Martha*  1683Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I3483
6 Wright, Deacon Samuel* Sr.  1660Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I5450


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Property    Person ID 
1 Bancroft, Thomas  13 Mar 1660Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I5466
2 Cogan (Coggin), Mrs. Joane* (..) (immigrant)  28 Mar 1666Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I4118
3 Cogan (Coggin), Mrs. Joane* (..) (immigrant)  Apr 1668Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I4118
4 Colton, George*  13 Mar 1660Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I5463
5 Cooley, Benjamin*  2 Feb 1657Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I4651
6 Lumbard, John  13 Mar 1660Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I43502
7 Lumbard, John  1661Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I43502
8 Miller, Lazarus*  2 Feb 1674Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I4028
9 Miller, Lazarus*  7 Feb 1687Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I4028
10 Miller, Lazarus*  21 May 1688Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I4028
11 Miller, Obadiah* Sr  Jun 1654Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I4130
12 Sikes, Richard (immigrant)  13 Mar 1660Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I12612
13 Wright, Lt. Abel* Sr. (immigrant)  2 Jan 1655Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I3493
14 Wright, Lt. Abel* Sr. (immigrant)  13 Feb 1656Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I3493
15 Wright, Lt. Abel* Sr. (immigrant)  13 Mar 1660Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I3493


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Chapin, Deacon Samuel* (immigrant) (J-FFDNA-5r)  1643Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I4630
2 Chapman, Martha** (immigrant)  Aft 1651Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I5713
3 Cooper, Thomas*  1643Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I5126
4 Marshfield, Samuel  1648Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I13950
5 Miller, Thomas  1649Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I43545
6 Mitchell, Matthew  Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I29167
7 Wright, Henry Oliver  1707Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I3560
8 Wright, Deacon Samuel* Sr.  1638Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I5450


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Unknown-Begin    Person ID 
1 Chapin, Josiah  23 Mar 1655Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I4882
2 Dorchester, Anthony* Jr. (immigrant)  23 Mar 1655Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I5378


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Penney, Cicely* (immigrant)  1684Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts I4750


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Ball / Blakeman  30 Sep 1699Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F10825
2 Bancroft / Garner  22 Nov 1676Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F14466
3 Bancroft / Wright  8 Dec 1653Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F2353
4 Barber / Cogan (Coggin)  2 Sep 1663Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F5599
5 Bartlett / Knowlton  14 Apr 1739Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F10810
6 Bliss / Burt  7 Oct 1667Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F1855
7 Bliss / Caldwell  Aft 1685Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F1399
8 Bliss / Chapin  20 Nov 1646Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F1533
9 Bliss / Colton  28 Dec 1676Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F2272
10 Bliss / Cooley  27 Aug 1760Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F32508
11 Bliss / Dorchester  30 Oct 1742Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F14451
12 Bliss / Leonard  20 Nov 1665Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F4781
13 Bliss / Stebbins  2 Jan 1672Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F1520
14 Bliss / Stebbins  15 Jan 1734Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F4865
15 Bliss / Stebbins  Abt 1737Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F1394
16 Bliss / Warriner  02 Apr 1743Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F4785
17 Bliss / Wright  25 Oct 1654Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F2264
18 Bliss / Wright  3 Feb 1697Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F1745
19 Brooks / Burt  18 Oct 1654Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F4747
20 Burt / Day  14 Jun 1664Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F10594
21 Burt / Dumbleton  08 Dec 1681Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F10552
22 Chapin / Bliss  10 May 1716Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F15817
23 Chapin / Butler  7 Jun 1721Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F15816
24 Chapin / Chapin  1 May 1755Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F15810
25 Chapin / Chapin  1 Jun 1825Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F15812
26 Chapin / Colton  09 Nov 1704Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F10566
27 Chapin / Colton  Abt 1750Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F18560
28 Chapin / Cooley  5 Dec 1664Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F1682
29 Chapin / Ely  26 Sep 1745Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F15815
30 Chapin / Gurnsey  19 Feb 1702Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F10569
31 Chapin / Hitchcock  8 Jan 1723Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F15813
32 Chapin / Janes  Abt 1702Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F10544
33 Chapin / Stebbins  21 Nov 1705Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F1442
34 Chapin / Wright  15 Feb 1694Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F1751
35 Clarke / Stebbins  2 Mar 1647Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F1620
36 Colton / Cooley  24 Mar 1742Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F30013
37 Colton / Parsons  19 Feb 1684Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F2294
38 Colton / Purchase  Abt 1772Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F29191
39 Colton / Pynchon  16 1721Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F30012
40 Colton / Sikes  10 Dec 1748Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F10561
41 Colton / Stebbins  22 Dec 1726Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F4755
42 Colton / Wolcott  2 Sep 1690Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F2295
43 Colton / Wright  1 Mar 1692Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F2350
44 Cooley / Beckwith  14 Sep 1706Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F10606
45 Cooley / Bliss  30 Jan 1701Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F4789
46 Cooley / Bliss  14 Jun 1734Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F4835
47 Cooley / Chapin  1742Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F10065
48 Cooley / Cooley  21 Mar 1741Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F30015
49 Cooley / Griswold  1684Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F10583
50 Cooley / Gunn  28 May 1713Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F30014
51 Cooley / Hale  22 Jan 1702Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F10064
52 Cooley / Stebbins  04 Aug 1748Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F10827
53 Cooley / Tibbals  12 Mar 1677Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F10605
54 Cooley / Warriner  11 Aug 1778Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F10494
55 Cooley / Wolcott  8 Dec 1680Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F29200
56 Dewey / Wright  11 Aug 1709Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F14472
57 Dorchester / Chapman  2 Jan 1651Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F1415
58 Dorchester / Cummings  Aft 1662Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F14455
59 Dorchester / Parsons  1 Mar 1676Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F10597
60 Foote / Bliss  02 May 1672Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F10468
61 Foster / Marshfield  Aft 1675Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F15477
62 Gilbert / Belding  31 Jan 1682Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F10574
63 Gilbert / Marshfield  15 Aug 1686Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F14562
64 Graves / Colton  30 Oct 1678Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F2269
65 Griswold / Colton  8 Dec 1703Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F35926
66 Harmon / Dorchester  1 Jul 1668Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F2333
67 Hitchcock / Ball  24 Sep 1691Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F4775
68 Hitchcock / Burt  28 Nov 1738Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F10324
69 Hitchcock / Lumbard  15 Oct 1713Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F4879
70 Hitchcock / Weller  17 Nov 1698Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F32506
71 Horton / Parsons  11 Sep 1736Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F35435
72 Lamb / Wright  7 Jun 1688Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F2349
73 Lumbard / Filley  2 Apr 1675Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F14459
74 Marshfield / Wright  18 Mar 1651Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F14563
75 Merrick / Cooley  6 Sep 1694Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F35950
76 Merrick / Day  Abt 1690Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F18562
77 Merrick / Stebbins  14 Jan 1641Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F1603
78 Merrick / Tilley  21 Aug 1653Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F10264
79 Miller / Burbank  2 Dec 1685Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F1892
80 Miller / Lawton  15 Jun 1683Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F1916
81 Miller / Marshfield  1649Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F14468
82 Morgan / Bliss  15 Feb 1669Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F4780
83 Morley / Wright  8 Dec 1681Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F1711
84 Munn / Chapin  Abt 1711Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F10565
85 Nichols / Weld  Abt 1740Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F4798
86 Noble / Stebbins  31 May 1720Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F4752
87 Norton / Wright  31 Oct 1678Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F2348
88 Parsons / Hitchcock  15 Mar 1768Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F11950
89 Parsons / Marshfield  10 Apr 1690Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F14564
90 Parsons / Stebbins  15 Dec 1703Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F10587
91 Parsons / Stebbins  27 Oct 1707Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F10822
92 Root / Stebbins  8 Jan 1700Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F28438
93 Sikes / Burt  22 Jan 1672Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F4887
94 Sikes / Hitchcock  24 Dec 1722Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F10562
95 Stebbins / Blakeman  08 May 1701Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F10823
96 Stebbins / Bliss  11 Dec 1735Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F4854
97 Stebbins / Brewster  Abt 1780Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F10124
98 Stebbins / Brooks  10 Dec 1685Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F1504
99 Stebbins / Broughton  1676Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F535
100 Stebbins / Burt  14 Dec 1676Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts F1474

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