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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bean, Catherine  1730Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I71202
2 Bonham, Aaron Sr. (son?)  Abt 1741Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I49491
3 Bonham, Alsie  Abt 1762Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3781
4 Bonham, Amos Sr  11 May 1752Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3800
5 Bonham, Amos  28 Apr 1797Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3844
6 Bonham, Amy  Abt 1832Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3982
7 Bonham, Amy  11 Nov 1832Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3992
8 Bonham, Anastasia  Abt 1852Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I4059
9 Bonham, Anchor  4 Feb 1784Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I4581
10 Bonham, Anchor  Abt 1800Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3901
11 Bonham, Andrew  11 May 1786Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3840
12 Bonham, Ann  Abt 1847Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I4040
13 Bonham, Anne  18 May 1725Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I49518
14 Bonham, Benjamin (not son of Samuel & Ruth Bowyer)  1754Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3924
15 Bonham, Charles  9 Feb 1795Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3843
16 Bonham, Daniel  Abt 1736Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3871
17 Bonham, Dinah  21 Feb 1756Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3834
18 Bonham, Edith  Abt 1880Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I4149
19 Bonham, Elijah  Abt 1730Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3779
20 Bonham, Elijah  Abt 1755Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3912
21 Bonham, Elizabeth Everitt  1828Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3990
22 Bonham, Elizabeth Rachel  Abt 1762Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3797
23 Bonham, Ellis  23 Sep 1838Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I4032
24 Bonham, Elva  Abt 1879Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I4148
25 Bonham, Ephraim (MF) Sr  14 Feb 1716Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I4809
26 Bonham, Everitt  Abt 1828Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3979
27 Bonham, Genette  Abt 1849Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I4041
28 Bonham, George  5 Mar 1831Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3991
29 Bonham, Hannah  1760Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3838
30 Bonham, Harrison  1840Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I4043
31 Bonham, Hezekiah III  1731Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3379
32 Bonham, J.Ellis  Abt 1822Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3986
33 Bonham, Jacob Sr  1726Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3380
34 Bonham, James  Abt 1761Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3799
35 Bonham, John  Abt 1758Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3785
36 Bonham, John  Abt 1766Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I4564
37 Bonham, John Sutton  14 May 1791Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3842
38 Bonham, John William  28 May 1856Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I4060
39 Bonham, Leroy  Abt 1877Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I4150
40 Bonham, Levi  Abt 1758Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3780
41 Bonham, Magdaline  21 Aug 1792Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3847
42 Bonham, Malachi  Abt 1764Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3798
43 Bonham, Malachiah  Bef 7 Feb 1757Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3875
44 Bonham, Martha Elizabeth  Abt 1851Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I4047
45 Bonham, Mary  Abt 1728Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3782
46 Bonham, Mary  17 Nov 1753Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3816
47 Bonham, Mary  Abt 1754Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3777
48 Bonham, Mary Ann  Abt 1820Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3977
49 Bonham, Mary Ann  Abt 1853Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I4050
50 Bonham, Mary Catherine  Abt 1845Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I4039
51 Bonham, Mary Jane  1837Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3994
52 Bonham, Mercy  17 Nov 1804Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3846
53 Bonham, Moses  Abt 1823Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3978
54 Bonham, Rebecca  Abt 1830Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3981
55 Bonham, Robert  Abt 1737Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3753
56 Bonham, Sarah  7 Feb 1782Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3953
57 Bonham, Sarah J  Abt 1840Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I4033
58 Bonham, Stacy B  Abt 1852Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I4049
59 Bonham, Uriah  24 Feb 1789Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3841
60 Bonham, William  1818Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3988
61 Bonham, William  Abt 1844Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I4038
62 Bonham, William B  Abt 1854Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I4051
63 Bonham, William Lair  1815Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3975
64 Bonham, Winfrield S  Abt 1841Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I4034
65 Bonham, Zerviah  Abt 1734Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3872
66 Bray, Delilah  1 Feb 1777Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I90705
67 Bray, Evaline Johnson  6 May 1840Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I90778
68 Bray, Nancy Ann  1745Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I90935
69 Bray, Susannah  13 Aug 1742Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I90765
70 Colvin (or Calvin), Robert  Abt 1748Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I86156
71 Dilts, Andrew  Abt 1792Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I11444
72 Dilts, Ann  Abt 1800Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I11448
73 Dilts, Asher  Abt 1794Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I11445
74 Dilts, Henry  Abt 1790Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I11443
75 Dilts, Hiram  Abt 1798Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I11447
76 Dilts, John  Abt 1784Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I11441
77 Dilts, Mahala  Abt 1802Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I11449
78 Dilts, Paul K  Abt 1788Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I11442
79 Dilts, Richard  Abt 1796Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I11446
80 Dorris, William Jr.  1761Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I89795
81 Emans, Amos  Abt 1783Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3820
82 Emans, Anchor  Abt 1780Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3857
83 Emans, Anchor  Abt 1793Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3830
84 Emans, Dinah  Abt 1790Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3826
85 Emans, Hannah  Abt 1789Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3825
86 Emans, James  Abt 1787Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3823
87 Emans, Job  Abt 1778Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3899
88 Emans, Job  Abt 1786Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3822
89 Emans, John  Abt 1777Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3819
90 Emans, Mary  Abt 1792Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3828
91 Emans, Sarah  Abt 1788Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3818
92 Emans, Uriah  Abt 1782Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3854
93 Emans, Uriah  Abt 1785Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3821
94 Fox, Absalom  1738Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3409
95 Freese, Sarah  29 Nov 1773Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I86002
96 Hall, Andrew  27 Dec 1781Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I11426
97 Hall, Gordon B  Abt 1780Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I11425
98 Hall, Jesse  Abt 1783Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I11429
99 Hall, Sarah  Abt 1785Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I11430
100 Harned, Jonathan  1723Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I71201

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Cornelius  Aug 1768Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I12029
2 Arwine, John  1819Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I91211
3 Bonham, Hezekiah III  Aft Nov 1771Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3379
4 Bonham, Uriah  25 Aug 1863Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3804
5 Bonham, William  11 Mar 1872Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3806
6 Bray, James Sr.  Bef 5 May 1758Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I90766
7 Bray, Wilson  22 Nov 1850Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I90774
8 Drake, Hannah  24 Mar 1840Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I86646
9 Fox, Peter  1840Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I11456
10 Green, Richard  Aft 1759Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I17500
11 Hall, Jesse  Bef 27 Oct 1797Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I11423
12 Harned, Edward  1774Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I71203
13 Heath, Joseph  Aft 1780Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I11450
14 Heath, Mary  Aft 1850Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I11475
15 Heath, William  Aft 1780Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I11451
16 Hyde, James  1775Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I86186
17 Lair, Anna  Aft 1816Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3973
18 Lake, Ann  29 Aug 1813Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I86650
19 Liar, William  Abt 1865Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I90699
20 Maybury, Mary  1769Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I17515
21 Rittenhouse, Daniel Bray  17 May 1885Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I90706
22 Rittenhouse, Jonathan  16 Feb 1846Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I90695
23 Rittenhouse, Lavinia  15 May 1865Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I11388
24 Rittenhouse, Richard  Aft 1805Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I90677
25 Runyon, Ann Elizabeth  1804Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I93191
26 Runyon, John Vincent  1744Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I86381
27 Runyon, Peter  1793Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I86369
28 Sebold, Jacob D.  21 Mar 1890Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I86648
29 Sherman, Edward  22 Mar 1881Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I11677
30 Sherman, Jennie  30 Dec 1866Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I11724
31 Sherman, John  8 Apr 1888Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I11676
32 Stout, Elizabeth  Aft 1769Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I86143
33 Voorhees, Margaret  5 Oct 1804Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I90678
34 Warford, Ann  Aft 1850Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3985
35 West, Mary  28 Dec 1875Hunterdon Co, New JErsey I90775
36 Williamson, Mary  17 Dec 1876Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I86649
37 Wolverton (Woolverton), Gabriel  1835Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I72873


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Larue, Isaac  11 Jan 1712Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I68626


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Other-Begin    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Cornelius  Between 1750 and 1760Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I12029


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Property    Person ID 
1 Bonham, Rev. Malachiah Sr. (dna)  Between 1763 and 1765Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3367


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Bonham, Joseph  Between 1750 and 1760Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3256
2 Bonham, Nehemiah Sr (dna)  1722Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I3363


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Cornelius  6 Dec 1765Hunterdon Co, New Jersey I12029


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Allen / Warford  1740Hunterdon Co, New Jersey F28334
2 Bonham / Baird  Abt 1876Hunterdon Co, New Jersey F1907
3 Bonham / Barcroft  7 Dec 1850Hunterdon Co, New Jersey F1884
4 Bonham / Blye  18 Oct 1827Hunterdon Co, New Jersey F1831
5 Bonham / Bonham  7 Sep 1850Hunterdon Co, New Jersey F1886
6 Bonham / Everitt  5 Feb 1818Hunterdon Co, New Jersey F1826
7 Bonham / Everitt  5 Nov 1836Hunterdon Co, New Jersey F1882
8 Bonham / Fox  5 Nov 1751Hunterdon Co, New Jersey F1662
9 Bonham / Harken  Abt 1733Hunterdon Co, New Jersey F1638
10 Bonham / Heath  30 Aug 1780Hunterdon Co, New Jersey F1663
11 Bonham / Heath  30 Aug 1780Hunterdon Co, New Jersey F1843
12 Bonham / Laquear  Abt 1815Hunterdon Co, New Jersey F1830
13 Bonham / Rittenhouse  Abt 1780Hunterdon Co, New Jersey F1823
14 Bonham / Rittenhouse  1 Jul 1837Hunterdon Co, New Jersey F1883
15 Bonham / Runyon  Abt 1751Hunterdon Co, New Jersey F1623
16 Bonham / Runyon  Abt 1757Hunterdon Co, New Jersey F1810
17 Bonham / Stout  Abt 1723Hunterdon Co, New Jersey F1633
18 Bonham / Warford  24 Mar 1819Hunterdon Co, New Jersey F1829
19 Bray / Bray  24 Dec 1758Hunterdon Co, New Jersey F30298
20 Bray / Rittenhouse  8 Apr 1779Hunterdon Co, New Jersey F30300
21 Bray / West  4 Dec 1816Hunterdon Co, New Jersey F30303
22 Carrell / Arnwine  1809Hunterdon Co, New Jersey F30521
23 Dilts / Heath  Aft 1783Hunterdon Co, New Jersey F4415
24 Drake / Cain  25 Oct 1797Hunterdon Co, New Jersey F4673
25 Drake / Hunt  12 Feb 1816Hunterdon Co, New Jersey F4678
26 Drake / Morgan  14 Sep 1825Hunterdon Co, New Jersey F4679
27 Drake / Titus  3 Jan 1828Hunterdon Co, New Jersey F4680
28 Emans / Bonham  Abt 1773Hunterdon Co, New Jersey F1835
29 Emans / Bonham  Abt 1777Hunterdon Co, New Jersey F1844
30 Fox / Warford  1757Hunterdon Co, New Jersey F22092
31 Harned / Harned  Abt 1722Hunterdon Co, New Jersey F23047
32 Heath / Bowden  30 Oct 1841Hunterdon Co, New Jersey F4492
33 Heath / Rittenhouse  15 Apr 1817Hunterdon Co, New Jersey F4404
34 Heath / Sherman  Abt 1810Hunterdon Co, New Jersey F4438
35 Heath / Smalley  Abt 1767Hunterdon Co, New Jersey F1631
36 Liar / Rittenhouse  Abt 1819Hunterdon Co, New Jersey F30272
37 Reeder / Drake  15 Feb 1812Hunterdon Co, New Jersey F4677
38 Rittenhouse / Bonham  28 Dec 1826Hunterdon Co, New Jersey F1832
39 Rittenhouse / Bray  Abt 1792Hunterdon Co, New Jersey F1833
40 Rittenhouse / Bray  10 Jul 1796Hunterdon Co, New Jersey F30275
41 Rittenhouse / Thatcher  Abt 1793Hunterdon Co, New Jersey F30261
42 Rittenhouse / Voorhees  4 May 1822Hunterdon Co, New Jersey F30262
43 Rittenhouse / Wright  26 Oct 1780Hunterdon Co, New Jersey F15963
44 Runyon / Lake  1765Hunterdon Co, New Jersey F28543
45 Sebold / Roberson  20 Sep 1851Hunterdon Co, New Jersey F28537
46 Sebold / Williamson  6 Feb 1830Hunterdon Co, New Jersey F28542
47 Sherman / Heath  28 May 1842Hunterdon Co, New Jersey F4440
48 Sherman / Maxwell  26 Jan 1805Hunterdon Co, New Jersey F4510
49 Sherman / Sherman  22 Mar 1881Hunterdon Co, New Jersey F4512
50 Sherman / Ween  29 May 1841Hunterdon Co, New Jersey F4511
51 Smith / Bonham  Abt 1748Hunterdon Co, New Jersey F1811
52 Smith / Bonham  4 Nov 1769Hunterdon Co, New Jersey F1809
53 Stout / Bray  1769Hunterdon Co, New Jersey F30386
54 Sutton / Bonham  8 Dec 1773Hunterdon Co, New Jersey F1841
55 Taylor / Bray  29 Mar 1830Hunterdon Co, New Jersey F35749
56 West / Hoagland  Abt 1789Hunterdon Co, New Jersey F30304