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Mabra Madden Jones and James Lovelady Families
Mabra Madden Jones and James Lovelady Families (70)
Mabra Jones and wife Sarah Lovelady, daughter of Rev James Lovelady and Nancy Linville (maiden name unproven) - this family settled in Dewitt and Lavaca counties area of Texas before 1850, eventually spreading out to places like Waco and Beaumont and Palestine. This album is dedicated to that family unit. Letters written by some of these family members, mostly Mary Jones, are included. These letters span a time from 1855 on through in the 1920s. They were transcribed and supplied to me by Leonard Meyer in the late 1990s. He was from Halletsville and a descendent of the Butts, Bounds, Coolie families. James Lovelady's daughter Jane died with a young family of her own. Her husband, Andrew Butts, stayed a "son" to the family, even after he remarried Susan Bounds. Susan became the beloved Aunt to the Jones children who most of these letters were written to. While the Jones children were still young, Sarah Lovelady, daughter of James, and sister to Jane, died at an early age. Mabra remarried Martha Ponton and had several more children. But it's through these letters that we get a good view of the whole family and indeed brings them all to life and allows us to share their memories.


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barnett, Manurva E.  5 Dec 1831Anderson Co, Texas I61463
2 Barrett, Claudie  Jul 1894Anderson Co, Texas I43919
3 Barrett, Margaret Sue  Apr 1892Anderson Co, Texas I43918
4 Butts, Radford W.  1860Anderson Co, Texas I61521
5 Campbell, Cyrus Albynus  24 Mar 1874Anderson Co, Texas I91008
6 Eubanks, Elbert Jackson  1 Oct 1866Anderson Co, Texas I78242
7 Farris (Faires), James Hanks IV  21 Aug 1913Anderson Co, Texas I61424
8 Farris (Faires), Sarah Belle  19 Apr 1878Anderson Co, Texas I21267
9 Fitzgerald, Sara Jane  1 Feb 1851Anderson Co, Texas I45937
10 Guinn, Sarah Malissa  17 Sep 1850Anderson Co, Texas I78283
11 Hanks, Gertrude B. "Guita"  21 Nov 1868Anderson Co, Texas I61465
12 Hanks, Joseph L. Jr.  1848Anderson Co, Texas I61371
13 Hanks, Lizzie T.  1864Anderson Co, Texas I61515
14 Hanks, Mattie R.  1862Anderson Co, Texas I61514
15 Hassell, Florence Moggie  12 Jan 1851Anderson Co, Texas I91007
16 Hathcock, Edmund Greer  1890Anderson Co, Texas I46409
17 Hathcock, Nancy Hanks  16 Jun 1887Anderson Co, Texas I45948
18 Jones, Doris V  Mar 1900Anderson Co, Texas I9811
19 Jones, Johnny Charles  26 Oct 1932Anderson Co, Texas I47327
20 Jordan, Judy Latimer   I26114
21 Kendrick, John  1866Anderson Co, Texas I78247
22 Kendrick, Walter  1861Anderson Co, Texas I78246
23 Lightfoot, Adkins   I46402
24 Lightfoot, Alfred E.  1912Anderson Co, Texas I45993
25 Lightfoot, Alfred Orin  29 Mar 1881Anderson Co, Texas I45962
26 Lightfoot, Jack George  4 Nov 1910Anderson Co, Texas I45988
27 Lightfoot, Jefferson Owen  7 Feb 1914Anderson Co, Texas I46006
28 Lightfoot, Jessie C.  1919Anderson Co, Texas I46392
29 Lightfoot, Johnnie Dawson  3 Sep 1917Anderson Co, Texas I46362
30 Lightfoot, Lucretia   I46396
31 Lightfoot, Sallye Mae  29 Mar 1909Anderson Co, Texas I45963
32 Lightfoot, William Tollie  19 Jan 1916Anderson Co, Texas I46180
33 Montgomery, Claudia  1904Anderson Co, Texas I78250
34 Montgomery, Ethel Hulda  20 Sep 1892Anderson Co, Texas I61591
35 Pate, Mittie Ann  17 Jul 1882Anderson Co, Texas I9632
36 Sanders, Edward DeLancie  8 My 1860Anderson Co, Texas I73279
37 Sanders, Samuel Oscar  8 May 1860Anderson Co, Texas I73280
38 Scarbrough, Verner  1880Anderson Co, Texas I78215
39 Seagler, Irma Belle  25 Dec 1890Anderson Co, Texas I78271
40 Shaver, Elijah  Aug 1851Anderson Co, Texas I78669
41 Shelton, June  1 Jun 1925Anderson Co, Texas I78273
42 Tucker, Jim Bob  1897Anderson Co, Texas I78253
43 Wallace, Cynthia Ann Elizabeth  7 Apr 1859Anderson Co, Texas I79439
44 Woolverton, Adella  May 1856Anderson Co, Texas I87273
45 Woolverton, Callie B.  1870Anderson Co, Texas I71033
46 Woolverton, Mary Emma  19 Mar 1850Anderson Co, Texas I90990
47 Woolverton, Mattie A.  1865Anderson Co, Texas I71032


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bradshaw, William  26 Jul 1861Anderson Co, Texas I53358
2 Campbell, James Irish  4 Sep 1911Anderson Co, Texas I91006
3 Campbell, Tucker  19 Nov 1973Anderson Co, Texas I90997
4 Eubanks, William Pinkney  24 Oct 1905Anderson Co, Texas I78236
5 Farris (Faires), Anna George "Annie"  30 Oct 1920Anderson Co, Texas I61411
6 Farris (Faires), James Hanks Jr.  25 Dec 1881Anderson Co, Texas I31103
7 Fields, Eera Ann Elizabeth  18 Mar 1900Anderson Co, Texas I78243
8 Fitzgerald, Sara Jane  3 Jan 1929Anderson Co, Texas I45937
9 Goad, Peter Coleman  Aft 1880Anderson Co, Texas I78248
10 Goad (or Gourd), Robert  20 Sep 1888Anderson Co, Texas I100085
11 Griffith, Nancy  9 Dec 1881Anderson Co, Texas I45596
12 Hanks, Bird Lewis  28 Jul 1851Anderson Co, Texas I61525
13 Hanks, Elizabeth "Kizzie"  1851Anderson Co, Texas I61372
14 Hanks, George Dewitt  1 Sep 1859Anderson Co, Texas I61772
15 Hanks, James Steele  17 Nov 1898Anderson Co, Texas I61376
16 Hanks, Joshua Brown  6 Oct 1896Anderson Co, Texas I61466
17 Hanks, Thomas Reuben  28 Nov 1857Anderson Co, Texas I31104
18 Hanks, Wesley W.  1886Anderson Co, Texas I61527
19 Hassell, Florence Moggie  11 Apr 1920Anderson Co, Texas I91007
20 Hathcock, James Alfred  14 Aug 1900Anderson Co, Texas I45886
21 Hathcock, William Jefferson  19 Dec 1907Anderson Co, Texas I61483
22 Hill, Sarah Joyce "Sally" (daughter?)  30 Jan 1847Anderson Co, Texas I31105
23 Monk, Zachariah Marion  22 Oct 1924Anderson Co, Texas I82599
24 Neil, Lucinda  19 Sep 1918Anderson Co, Texas I83640
25 Nix, Elisha A.  1867Anderson Co, Texas I66804
26 Pate, Thomas Benjamin  22 Feb 1924Anderson Co, Texas I107487
27 Scarborough, John Lawrence  30 Jan 1900Anderson Co, Texas I73367
28 Shaver, Elijah  Between 1910 and 1920Anderson Co, Texas I78669
29 Shaver, Mitsey Ann  22 Oct 1917Anderson Co, Texas I107486
30 Tucker, Arabella  Aft 1860Anderson Co, Texas I61467
31 Wear, Melinda  14 Dec 1852Anderson Co, Texas I3120
32 Woolverton, Mary Emma  1 Oct 1880Anderson Co, Texas I90990
33 Woolverton, Thomas  Oct 1863Anderson Co, Texas I61487
34 Young, Martha Matilda  28 Apr 1889Anderson Co, Texas I66802


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Jones, Laura Ann  Anderson Co, Texas I704


Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Butts, James M.  1860Anderson Co, Texas I61516
2 Butts, James M.  1870Anderson Co, Texas I61516
3 Farris (Faires), James Hanks Jr.  1870Anderson Co, Texas I31103
4 Farris (Faires), James Hanks III  1910Anderson Co, Texas I61416
5 Farris (Faires), James Hanks III  1930Anderson Co, Texas I61416
6 Goad, Peter Coleman  1870Anderson Co, Texas I78248
7 Grider, William Franklin^  1860Anderson Co, Texas I52490
8 Hanks, Joshua Brown  1850Anderson Co, Texas I61466
9 Hanks, Joshua Brown  1870Anderson Co, Texas I61466
10 Hanks, Thomas Reuben  1850Anderson Co, Texas I31104
11 Hathcock, William Jefferson  1880Anderson Co, Texas I61483
12 Hathcock, William Jefferson  1900Anderson Co, Texas I61483
13 Horton, Samuel W  23 Oct 1950Anderson Co, Texas I22270
14 Jones, Anna Lee  31 Jan 1920Anderson Co, Texas I726
15 Jones, Anna Lee  12 Apr 1930Anderson Co, Texas I726
16 Jones, John W.  1930Anderson Co, Texas I748
17 Scarbrough, Robert S.  1880Anderson Co, Texas I61437
18 Scarbrough, Robert S.  1920Anderson Co, Texas I61437
19 Scarbrough, William  1870Anderson Co, Texas I78245
20 Seagler, Edward Harper Sr.  1880Anderson Co, Texas I61580
21 Seagler, Emily Frances  1910Anderson Co, Texas I43920
22 Shaver, Archie Demaid  12 Apr 1930Anderson Co, Texas I8896
23 Shaver, Clarence Odell  12 Apr 1930Anderson Co, Texas I8894
24 Shaver, Dora S.  12 Apr 1930Anderson Co, Texas I8897
25 Shaver, Doris L.   I32363
26 Shaver, Jesse M.  12 Apr 1930Anderson Co, Texas I8895
27 Shaver, L.B.  12 Apr 1930Anderson Co, Texas I32364
28 Shaver, Marion Harvey "Ike"  1900Anderson Co, Texas I8833
29 Shaver, Marion Harvey "Ike"  31 Jan 1920Anderson Co, Texas I8833
30 Shaver, Marion Harvey "Ike"  12 Apr 1930Anderson Co, Texas I8833
31 Shaver, Martha Lorene  12 Apr 1930Anderson Co, Texas I8898
32 Shaver, Wesley Harvey  12 Apr 1930Anderson Co, Texas I8893
33 Shelton, George A.  1850Anderson Co, Texas I61596
34 Shelton, George A.  15 Oct 1850Anderson Co, Texas I61596
35 Woolverton, John Nelson  1870Anderson Co, Texas I61671
36 Woolverton, Thomas B.  1870Anderson Co, Texas I71026


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Faires (Farris), James Sr. (son/relative?)  Anderson Co, Texas I6921


Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Andrews / Lightfoot   F11351
2 Armstrong / Jones  1903Anderson Co, Texas F370
3 Barrett / Faires  10 Dec 1889Anderson Co, Texas F14598
4 Bellair / Carr  12 Jan 1885Anderson Co, Texas F26084
5 Campbell / Hassell  18 Jul 1866Anderson Co, Texas F30420
6 Campbell / Steel  25 Dec 1949Anderson Co, Texas F30412
7 Eubanks / Fields  Abt 1880Anderson Co, Texas F25428
8 Farmer / Shelton  9 Mar 1847Anderson Co, Texas F20249
9 Farris (Faires) / Tucker  Abt 1910Anderson Co, Texas F20090
10 Fitzgerald / Hanks  Abt 1841Anderson Co, Texas F11350
11 Goad / Doss  Aft 1870Anderson Co, Texas F25429
12 Graham / Shelton  27 Dec 1866Anderson Co, Texas F20112
13 Graham / Woolverton  1 Jul 1869Anderson Co, Texas F20113
14 Hanks / Tucker  19 Oct 1846Anderson Co, Texas F20104
15 Hathcock / Shelton  3 Nov 1882Anderson Co, Texas F20111
16 Jones / Kluth  Abt 1906Anderson Co, Texas F374
17 Jones / McHatten  Abt 1930Anderson Co, Texas F11347
18 Jones / Pate  13 May 1899Anderson Co, Texas F364
19 Marlow / Shelton  Abt 1920Anderson Co, Texas F20106
20 Scarbrough / Wofford-Kenney  Abt 1878Anderson Co, Texas F25419
21 Shelton / Barnett  16 Jan 1858Anderson Co, Texas F20102
22 Shelton / Butts  Aft 1870Anderson Co, Texas F20118
23 Shelton / Hanks  Abt 1888Anderson Co, Texas F20103
24 Shelton / Hodges  21 Aug 1856Anderson Co, Texas F20108
25 Shelton / Seagler  Abt 1932Anderson Co, Texas F25435
26 Shelton / Shelton  Abt 1890Anderson Co, Texas F20107
27 Steel / Woolverton  19 Dec 1882Anderson Co, Texas F30410
28 Tucker / Goad  Bef 1920Anderson Co, Texas F25430
29 Woolverton / Guinn  Feb 1870Anderson Co, Texas F25438
30 Woolverton / Woolverton  Bef 1860Anderson Co, Texas F22995