Samuel Doak, Sr. (Immigrant)

Male Abt 1716 - Bef 1772  (~ 56 years)

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Eleanor Doak
Female 1739-1834
Rosannah Doak
Female 1770-Aft 1830
Levi Smith
Male 1770-Aft 1830
Jenny (Jane) Doak
Female Abt 1770-Aft 1799
James Berry
Male Abt 1770-Aft 1803
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Mary Ann Porter
Female Aft 1813-Aft 1850
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Mary A. Clark
Female 1837-Aft 1875
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Margaret Doak
Female 1810-1836
(son) Doak
Male 1820-Aft 1820
(son) Doak
Male 1820-Aft 1820
(daughter) Doak
Female 1820-Aft 1820
Anna Hopkins Porter
Female Abt 1815-Aft 1870
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Nancy Robertson
Female Abt 1775-Abt 1820
Thomas C. Doak
Male 1830-1911
Ann Eliza Doak
Female 1832-1916
Hugh D. Doak
Male 1835-1878
Mrs. S.G. (..) Doak
Female Abt 1835-Aft 1870
Elizabeth Noel
Female Abt 1800-Aft 1840
(daughter) Doak
Female Abt 1803-Aft 1810
(daughter) Doak
Female Abt 1805-Aft 1810
(daughter) Doak
Female Abt 1807-Aft 1810
David Doak, Jr.
Male 1775-1864
Mary Campbell
Female 1778-Bef 1810
Matilda H. Smith
Female 1804-Aft 1850
John Larew
Male Abt 1779-Aft 1837
Rev. David Doak, Sr.
Male Bef 1740-1802
Jennie Alexander
Female Abt 1740-Aft 1769
Eleanor Mitchell, (m Doak?)
Female Abt 1740-Aft 1780
Dorcas Doak
Female 1785-1835
James Finley
Male 1780-1853
Margaret "Peggy" Doak
Female Abt 1787-Aft 1799
Fanny Doak
Female 1794-Aft 1810
Samuel Cunningham
Male Abt 1785-Aft 1810
Polly Doak
Female 1789-Aft 1850
Jane Eliza Cunningham
Female 1813-Bef 1860
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Mary Ann Rosser
Female 1822-1855
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Martha Ann Cunningham
Female 1820-Bef 1880
Hugh Doak Cunningham
Male 1822-Aft 1860
Hugh Doak
Male 1836-Aft 1850
Hugh Davis Doak
Male 1794-Aft 1836
Jennet Davis
Female Bef 1765-Aft 1810
John Doak
Male 1794-Aft 1810
Samuel Doak
Male 1800-Aft 1810
Alcinda Jane Doak
Female Abt 1820-Aft 1841
Eliza Catherine Doak
Female Abt 1822-Aft 1842
Christine Hawpe
Female 1797-1844
Julia Doak
Female Abt 1783-Aft 1806
(..) Brown
Male Abt 1783-Aft 1810
Nancy Doak
Female 1800-Aft 1810
Rosanna Doak
Female 1794-Aft 1810
Washington Doak
Male 1810-Aft 1810
David Doak
Male 1794-Aft 1810
John Doak
Male 1810-Aft 1810
John Doak
Male Abt 1742-Bef 1806
Mrs. Darcie (..) Doak
Female Abt 1742-Bef 1810
John Brown
Male Abt 1788-Aft 1809
Thomas Brown
Male Abt 1759-Aft 1809
William Brown
Male Abt 1785-Aft 1809
Samuel Brown
Male Abt 1760-Aft 1809
Henry Brown
Male 1786-1815
Nancy Brown
Female 1790-1886
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John (infirm) Brown
Male Abt 1761-Aft 1809
James Brown
Male 1785-1849
Nancy Brown
Female Abt 1790-1872
William Brown
Male Aft 1793-Aft 1809
Alexander Jerome Brown
Male Abt 1795-1882
Joanna Farley
Female 1801-1900
William Brown, Jr.
Male Abt 1762-1823
Sarah "Katy" Guy
Female 1763-1822
Robert Brown
Male Abt 1765-Aft 1809
Mary Brown
Female Abt 1773-Aft 1809
James Mitchell, Jr.
Male Abt 1774-Aft 1809
Jean Brown
Female Abt 1775-Aft 1809
Patrick Hays
Male Abt 1775-Aft 1809
Elizabeth Brown
Female 1807-1884
Edward D. Brown
Male 1816-1869
Hannah Backhouse
Female 1817-1853
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Alexander Brown
Male 1818-1900
Jane (Jean) Doak
Female 1741-Aft 1809
William McTeer
Male -Aft 1793
William McTeer
Male -Aft 1812
Mitchell McTeer
Male -Aft 1812
Elizabeth McTeer
Female -Aft 1812
Isabella McTeer
Female -Aft 1812
Jane Mitchell
Female -Aft 1812
Samuel McTeer
Male -Aft 1793
Sarah McTeer
Female -Aft 1793
Elizabeth McTeer
Female -Aft 1793
James McTeer
Male Abt 1746-1793
Alexander Hall
Male Abt 1769-Bef 1854
William Hall
Male 1771-1846
Nathaniel Hall
Male 1749-1833
Julia Doak
Female 1776-1837
Elizabeth Martin
Female 1798-1865
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Emma Regina Smith
Female 1853-Aft 1890
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Lucina Doak
Female 1782-1825
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Margaret West
Female 1821-1903
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Robert Ely Doak
Male 1821-1823
Robert Ebenezer Doak
Male 1824-Aft 1826
Mary Jane Doak
Female 1827-Aft 1850
Julia Maraetta Doak
Female 1832-Aft 1835
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Lourinda Cutter Doak
Female 1838-Aft 1840
Jane Rowe Doak
Female 1780-1828
David Rice
Male 1773-1864
Nancy Doak
Female 1790-Aft 1840
William Mitchell
Male Abt 1790-Aft 1820
Adam Broyles
Male Abt 1790-Aft 1830
Mary "Polly" Doak
Female 1792-Aft 1800
Henry M. Doak
Male 1841-Aft 1850
James H. Doak
Male 1843-Aft 1850
Allegeman Doak
Male 1845-Aft 1850
Coleridge Doak
Male 1848-Aft 1850
Sarah P. (..) Doak
Female 1836-Aft 1850
Margaretta Houston
Female Abt 1754-1831
Eleanor Doak
Female Abt 1751-Aft 1760
Isabel Doak
Female 1766-Aft 1771
John Milliken
Male Abt 1766-Aft 1800
Jane Doak
Female 1776-1839
John Lilley
Male Abt 1776-Bef 1832
Elizabeth Doak
Female 1778-1821
(daughter) Doak
Female Abt 1800-Aft 1810
John Doak
Male 1780-1845
Isabelle Mitchell
Female 1786-Aft 1810
Eleanor Doak
Female 1784-1862
Isabella M. Doak
Female 1786-1862
(daughter) Doak
Female 1794-Aft 1810
Dorcas M. Doak
Female 1792-1852
Elizabeth Mitchell
Female Abt 1750-1824
Anne Campbell McGuffin
Female 1780-Aft 1832
Mary Doak
Female Abt 1755-Aft 1835
Abner Weatherly
Male 1774-Abt 1834
Andrew Weatherly
Male 1808-1887
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Milly Weatherly
Female 1773-Aft 1780
(male) Weatherly
Male 1800-Aft 1810
Charity Roark
Female 1801-1874
(son) Weatherly
Male 1810-Aft 1810
(son) Weatherly
Male 1810-Aft 1810
Nancy Weatherly
Female 1833-1898
Nancy Goff
Female 1781-Aft 1850
Curtis Weatherly
Male 1775-1805
Elizabeth Ozment
Female 1784-Aft 1800
Jane Sims
Female Abt 1800-Aft 1828
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Samuel Doak, Sr. (Immigrant)
Male Abt 1716-Bef 1772